Lablab purpureus

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perennial twining vine of Old World tropics having trifoliate leaves and racemes of fragrant purple pea-like flowers followed by maroon pods of edible seeds

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Lablab purpureus is the most promising legume forage in Botswana (Tacheba and Moyo 1988; Aganga and Tshwenyane 2003) and it is generally seen as a potential substitute for the widely-accepted but expensive imported Lurcene (Medicago sativa) hay.
25 were found for seven species; we suggest that Albizia lebbeck, Pueraria phaseoloides, Lablab purpureus, Securigera varia, Delonix regia, Clitoria ternatea, and Spartium junceum should receive high-priority attention.
Medvecky B, Ketterings Q and E Nelson Relationships among Soil-borne Bean Seedling Diseases, Lablab purpureus L.
Effect of chemical fertilizers on yield and nutritive value of intercropped sorghum bicolor and lablab purpureus forages grown under saline conditions.
Effects of supplementing a basal diet of Chloris gayana hay with one of three protein-rich legume hays of Cassia rotundifolia, Lablab purpureus and Macroptilium atropurpureum forage on some nutritional parameters in goats.
1996, "Genetic diversity and relationships among Lablab purpureus genotypes evaluated using RAPD as markers", Euphytica, 90, pp.
Relacionado con las especies dicotiledoneas se aprecia (Cuadro 5) un eficiente control de estas plantas, especialmente en el tratamiento con Lablab purpureus, en el cual su frecuencia relativa se redujo a valores cero, mientras que en el tratamiento de Neonotonia wightii, las especies Bidens pilosa L.
Assessment of losses caused by the lablab bug, Coptosoma cribraria Fabricius (Heteroptera: Plataspidae) to the field bean, Lablab purpureus var.
Lablab purpureus (lablab beans) is an under-exploited tropical legume that is valued for its nutritional and sensory attributes (Deka and Sarka, 1990).
Soil fertility effects on growth, nitrogen fixation, nodule enzyme activity and xylem exudates of Lablab purpureus (L.
The effects of sowing date on the growth and nutritive value of Lablab purpureus, J.
Chemical analysis showed that Lablab purpureus contains about 24 % crude protein in its leaf and seed (Ogundipe et al.