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Newly recognized focus of La Crosse encephalitis in Tennessee.
Mosquito-borne viruses causing diseases that affect public health in North Carolina included Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV; Togaviridae family, Alphavirus genus), La Crosse encephalitis virus (LACEV; Bunyaviridae family, Orthobunyavirus genus), SLEV, and WNV.
La Crosse encephalitis and other California serogroup viruses.
The presence of hyponatremia and increasing fever at presentation are signs that a child with La Crosse encephalitis is at significant risk for clinical deterioration and resulting neurologic damage, reported Dr.
La Crosse encephalitis virus (LACV) is a mosquitoborne bunyavirus of the California encephalitis serogroup (1).
Numbers of Aedes albopictus and Ochlerotatus triseriatus adults reared from eggs and pooled specimens tested for La Crosse virus from mosquitoes collected at La Crosse encephalitis case sites in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, 1999 Ae.
Central nervous system infections from viruses of the California serogroup, principally La Crosse encephalitis, were reported among 65 persons from six midwestern and two eastern states where the disease is endemic.