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Synonyms for LXXX

the cardinal number that is the product of ten and eight

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being ten more than seventy

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Augustine, Treatise on the Gospel of John, LXXX, 3.
13) "Uno animo parique consensu ibi [sanctimoniales] proposuerunt quandam puellam, nomine Alimburgis, clarissimo genere exortam, specie pulcherrimam, bonitate conspicuam, in universa morum honestate praeclaram, qua electio atque conclamatio facta est in anno Incarnationis dominicae MXLII, aera millesia LXXX, indictione X, concurrentibus III, Christiano populo celebrante dominicam sexagesimalem.
For example, in his Regula pastoralis (PL LXXVII 26B), Gregory the Great uses the expression `decor membrorum' with reference to chastity, and his phrasing is repeated by Taio Caesaraugustinus in his Expositio veteris ac novae testamentarum (PL LXXX 838C), Symphorius Amalarius in his Forma institutionis canonicorum (PL CV 862C), Hrabanus Maurus in his Expositiones in Leviticum (PL CVIII 486D), Anon.
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A series on 'Minor Masters of the Nineteenth Century' included a copiously illustrated article on 'Urbain Dubois, chef-de-cuisine to the Prussian Court' (vol LXXX, 1936, p85).
J'en ai donne une presentation dans <<Les reactions du cardinal Leger a la preparation de Vatican II>>, Revue d'histoire de l'Eglise de France, LXXX, 205 (1994), p.
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