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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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TMD is currently a leading supplier of LTPS LCDs, producing the largest sizes available commercially, as well as the largest variety.
The new PDA has a 260K color LTPS LCD and SD I/O slot for Internet access, and is also equipped with an array of GPS features, including detailed maps, points of information and directional information.
This is made possible by the LTPS LCD technology, which is in use with the iPhone 5S, (http://news.
5" LTPS LCD is 117k pixels providing a higher LCD quality than the standard digital camera that has an 80k pixel LCD.
3" LTPS LCD at Society for Information Display (SID) symposium last May using SLS technology.
1-inch reflective LTPS LCD with integrated static random access memory (SRAM) within every red, green and blue (RGB) dot of the TFT LCD array.
The new LTPS LCD is ideal for the cellular phone market due to its significant improvement in the display's performance.
3-inch LTPS LCD breakthrough, the company brings a resolution matching that of high caliber printed color materials, such as found in magazines, to a compact LCD panel similar in size to a typical photograph or a paperback book.
Toshiba's LTPS LCD technology, including this 4-inch product, will be among the topics discussed this week at the DisplaySearch EDI Conference in Austin, Texas on March 10 and 11.
Brian Klene, President and CEO of TCZ, will review the technical barriers that have limited the growth of LTPS LCDs and AMOLEDs.
TMD is currently the world's leading supplier of LTPS LCDs, producing the largest p-Si displays available commercially, as well as the largest quantity and variety of p-Si displays shipped worldwide.
Toshiba is the industry leader in LTPS LCDs, and its 200ppi-series of products offer the highest resolution available in displays for mobile personal equipment.