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DJs: Lewis Tyler-Holland & Danny Domville Name: Lewis Tyler-Holland & Danny Domville (DomV & LTH / Heavy Salad).
The donation, made over the past weeks, included the combined contributions from Johnson Controls employees, distributors and the LTH social marketing fund, will be used to aid the local community and Johnson Controls employees who were impacted by the hurricane.
The X2 LTH simulator will demonstrate the military application of the capabilities that we are proving out with our X2 Technology demonstrator," said Teresa Carleton, Vice President, Mission Systems Integration.
We believe the LTH brings game-changing technology, offering significant improvements in 'high-hot' performance, speed, survivability," said Steve Engebretson, Director of Sikorsky's AAS program.
Chris Tangkilisan has 17 years experience managing Shipping and Freight Forwarding issues for companies such as LTH International and LTH Logistics.