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(computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored

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In these days when a user with a CD-ROM drive and one hard drive may want to add a CD-Recorder, a second hard drive, perhaps a DVD-ROM drive and, maybe, even an LS-120 drive, the four device limit may also be a problem.
But don't expect your current computer to be able to read the LS-120.
version and comes complete with White Box package which will include one Winstation LS-240 SuperDisk Drive, One LS-240 diskette, One LS-120 diskette (while supplies last) and an installation manual.
I've already used those connections for a DVD-ROM drive, a CD-RW drive, and a LS-120 drive.
3" fully sunlight readable LCD display, removable 20 GB hard disk drive, internally mounted LS-120 Supper Floppy and CD-ROM/DVD Drives.
General Micro Systems announced the Mini DDrive II, the first VMEbus mass storage card to feature two IDE hard drives and an LS-120 super floppy.
Addonics Technologies today announced the Pocket SuperDisk 240 -- a 240MB LS-120 transportable drive with USB interface for PCs and Macintosh systems.
The Systemax SW15-T650 features a 650 MHz Pentium III, a 15-inch XGA screen, a 6x DVD-ROM drive, an LS-120 SuperDisk drive, and an 18GB hard drive.
With the new FD-32MB technology, users get twice the disk-storage capacity of an LS-120 SuperDisk, and they get about 22 times the capacity of a conventional floppy-disk.
Other new options for the iPAQ desktop line include a Multibay CD-RW drive, 2X LS-120 drive and 8X DVD-ROM drive.
SNAP supports the most popular camera media including Compact Flash, Smartmedia, Sony Media Stick, CD-R, Floppy, and LS-120 drives.
This feature allows quick access to data resident on CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW, LS-120, floppy disk, or second hard drives without rebooting the system.
The ATA PRO PnP was specifically designed to streamline the installation of popular PC add-ins and upgrades, such as CD-ROM drives, Zip drives, and SuperDisk LS-120 drives.
The Enduro is able to support more complex and collaborative computing with its 400 MHz Intel(R) Pentium II Microprocessor, 256 MB of RAM, high-capacity hard disk and LS-120 drives.
CD rewriteable drives grew in 1999 at the expense of other storage technologies, especially cartridge drives like Zip and LS-120.