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Synonyms for LP



Synonyms for LP

a long-playing phonograph record

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We obtained LPS (derived from Escherichia coli, serotype 055:B5), TNF-[alpha] inhibitor pentoxifylline (PTX), and macrophage cytotoxic agent Gd[Cl.
Briefly, Pb and LPS were added to heparinized whole blood obtained from A/J mice (100 [micro]L/well).
2] and LPS both caused a concentration-dependent increase in cytotoxiciry after 24 hr as determined by MTT assay (Figure 6).
2] or LPS caused more toxicity when cells were exposed in log-phase growth (i.
In addition to the consumer benefits of the KRANK Optimizer, LPS 2.
The new SecureNet LPS provides us an accelerator in these accounts with critical features that are exclusive to Intrusion Inc.
PinPoint's 3D-iD LPS was developed to specifically address the needs of agencies and organizations where locating, tracking or securing inventory, assets or personnel automatically and instantaneously is essential.