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a mathematical technique used in economics

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Karmarkar (see Papadimitriou and Steiglitz, 1982) assumed that the minimum of the objective function for the LP problem is known.
If the LP problem (19) is infeasible, then for every [z.
In a recent paper, Ru, Shen and Xue [1] considered the problem of finding an initial basic feasible solution (bfs) of the LP problem of the form
The above fuzzy solution method has systematically reduced the complexity of the multiple objective information system selection model because it transforms the multiple objective and multiple constraint LP problem into an LP problem.
Solutions to LP problems can be found using the simplex method, a highly efficient technique that was developed during the Second World War and has been extensively used since then.
Typically, LP problems have two features in common; they involve some declared objective that we seek to maximize or minimize and they involve a set of constraints which limit the ways in which we can attain this objective.
This year's show is expected to bring together more than two thousand LP professionals and decision-makers to exchange ideas on issues such as internal theft, organized retail crime and homeland security, and to find new ways to solve LP problems.