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a mathematical technique used in economics

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Firstly, formulating the problem as an LP problem has great advantages since the LP can be solved quite reliably and efficiently.
The maximization objective function in the LP problem (6) is given in optimistic case and hence, it finds the maximum value to a specific throughput when another throughput is changed by a small quantity.
We formulate the load-balancing scheme as an LP problem to maximize the minimum remaining capacity.
Karmarkar (see Papadimitriou and Steiglitz, 1982) assumed that the minimum of the objective function for the LP problem is known.
By solving LP problem (10), we obtain optimal solutions [g.
In a recent paper, Ru, Shen and Xue [1] considered the problem of finding an initial basic feasible solution (bfs) of the LP problem of the form
The proposed model is an LP problem with three objectives and four constraint levels.
competitive product prices and materials' purchase prices) under TCS can be treated as endogenous variables of the LP problem, the boundaries of controllability and responsibility accounting can be expanded.
As a colleague once said: "If an LP problem can be solved by hand then it is probably not an LP problem
Specifically, one begins with an LP problem and finds an optimal solution, typically using a version of the simplex method.
The process of solving an LP problem can be decomposed into five conceptual stages: problem investigation, model formulation, data management, algorithmic solution and report generation and analysis.
0i] subject to (16) is equivalent to solving the LP problem as follows:
Borgwardt proved that the expected number of iterations in the solution of an LP problem by a simplex based algorithm is polynomial, thereby explaining the efficiency obtained when simplex algorithms are used for practical problem solving.
Typically, LP problems have two features in common; they involve some declared objective that we seek to maximize or minimize and they involve a set of constraints which limit the ways in which we can attain this objective.