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a smart bomb that seeks the laser light reflected off of the target and uses it to correct its descent

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More recently, MCC theory and measurement have been extended to LGB clients and psychosocial issues (Bidell, 2005; Bidell & Whitman, 2013; Israel & Selvidge, 2003).
Asociacion entre orientacion sexual, ideacion e intento de suicidio en jovenes de minorias sexuales LGB
According to LGB Bank, this is the first syndicated transaction in Lebanon and the lender's first funding received from international development finance institutions.
The main effects considered in the analysis were the following: article (A), each article included in the study; breed (B), Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Fleckvieh; model (M), each of the statistical analysis approaches used in the papers (least square means and mixed models based on Bayesian or Ridge Regression: MMBRR); test (T), the test to recover the data used in the papers (305-day and one-day test); gene (AG), CSN3 and LGB; genotype (GN), AA, AB, AE, BB, BE, and BE for CSN3, and for LGB were AA, AB, and BB; sample size (SS), size of the population analyzed in the paper, i) 1 to 500 animals was considered small, and ii) from 501 to 2,000 was regarded as medium.
More LGB people reported weakened immune systems: about 17 percent of women, and 15 percent of men, compared to 10 percent of heterosexual women, and 5 percent of heterosexual men.
The purpose of this study was to explore LGB individuals' histories of child abuse and histories of witnessing parental IPV as they related to victimization, perpetration, and attitudinal acceptance of IPV We used social learning theory as a lens through which to view study phenomena and to explain and predict research outcomes.
LGB BANK expansion strategy runs in parallel in Lebanon and the Middle East, as the Bank taps into new potential markets.
State and local policies also influence other health outcomes among LGB youth.
In these search processes, keywords related to discrimination based on sexual orientation--homophobia OR homophobic OR homonegativity OR homophobic discrimination OR LGB prejudice OR homosexism OR heterosexism OR sexual stigma OR homophobic bullying were combined (AND) with terms related to the theoretical framework of resilience--protective factor OR buffer OR resilience OR protective mechanism OR positive adaptation.
Several articles have addressed school counselor LGB advocacy (Bidell, 2011; Brubaker, Harper, & Singh, 2011; Byrd and Hays, 2012; Pope, Bunch, &c Rankins, 2010).
Uno de los polimorfismos de la proteina de la leche mas extensamente estudiados es la sustitucion del aminoacido Tyr20 con His en el polipeptido LGB (6), dando como resultado un polimorfismo de longitud de fragmentos de restriccion Sal que permite la determinacion del genotipo de los animales con un metodo RCP-PLFR (7).
En los ultimos anos, investigadores estadounidenses, canadienses, brasilenos, entre otros, han denunciado los actos homofobicos contra los jovenes LGB en las escuelas (Chamberland, Emond, Bernier, Richard, Petit, Chevrier, Ryan, Otis & Julien, 2011; Kosciw, Greytak & Diaz, 2009; Mazzon, 2009; Williams, Connolly, Pepler & Craig, 2003).
The aim of the current paper is to focus on victimization and harassment of young LGB adults, the exposure and effect as well as their experiences during compulsory schooling.
With a sample of 171 sexual minority adults, the current study aimed to (a) test the fit of an established model of living a calling and life satisfaction and (b) examine how having a supportive LGB workplace climate functioned within this model.