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a spacecraft that carries astronauts from the command module to the surface of the moon and back

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To verify the structure of LA-based diol and diaicd, LE and LEM are analyzed with FTIR and GPC.
45 caliber pistol, the HK45 LEM is going to be a top contender.
So EC and UND cannot be cited as grounds for revising logic by rejecting LEM.
Nine replicate litter traps, constructed from woven plastic sacking supported between poles, were set up at random locations in one representative subplot of each of four LEM and four HEM plots.
now Apollo 13's LEM was on its way home, heading for just the fiery reentry the doomsayers had feared.
The scientists then went on to show the LEM protein could stimulate the human immune system too.
The LEM functionality of the system automatically and continuously optimizes rates for length of stay so an optimum number of leases renew May through July, which are peak months.
LEM Mezzanine acquired a mezzanine loan backed by the property owner of the W New York--Union Square.
Water builds up inside the DLTM, LMRD or LEM, which causes electrical damage and corroded connectors.
The LEM design also allows "second strike" capability.
LEM programs are under discussion in several other locations, including Philadelphia and Portland.
Additional status and explanatory data is loaded for requisitions by each responsible LEM as necessary.
Laser range finder (LRF) with integrated target illuminator, target designators and ballistic sniper weapon G29Procurement contract for the manufacture and supply of a) 2 pieces (EA) LEM as proof pattern.
LEM has introduced a series of current transducers to provide a cost-effective and technically superior alternative to resistive shunt/optocoupler configurations for insulated current measurements up to 50A.
Called the LEM (Law Enforcement Module) -- as opposed to the Lunar Exploration Module of the Apollo days -- the new trigger is an improved double-action only design.