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Moderate dosages of any statin will usually be adequate for lower-risk patients who do not need as large a reduction in serum level of LDL cholesterol.
The woman's LDL cholesterol dropped from 448 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) -a concentration measured before gene therapy but while receiving a cholesterollowering drug - to 366 mg/dl.
The amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood is controlled by the liver, which produces cholesterol and uses it to make bile acids (which are used in digestion), and by the digestive tract, which absorbs cholesterol from both food and from the bile made by the liver.
Such patients have up to 10 times the normal amount of blood LDL cholesterol and usually suffer repeated heart attacks, beginning in childhood.
Based upon clinical trial results released since these guidelines were published in 2001, updated recommendations were issued in 2004 introducing a new therapeutic option of a less than 70 mg/dL LDL cholesterol goal for patients with a very high risk for CVD, including those patients with established coronary heart disease.
That study randomized more than 4,000 patients with acute coronary syndrome to treatment with either an intensive (80 mg of atorvastatin daily) or moderate (40 mg of pravastatin daily) lipid-lowering regimen, and showed that patients whose LDL-cholesterol levels dropped below 70 mg/dL had better outcomes during 2 years of follow-up than patients who had higher levels of LDL cholesterol.
7 percent, with little or no change in "bad" LDL cholesterol.
The high-isoflavone diet (around 129 milligrams of isoflavones per day) lowered LDL cholesterol by 8-10% and improved the lipid profile.
LDL cholesterol is more likely to stick to artery walls, contributing to atherosclerosis.
According to Roseanne Varner, Atherotech's president and chief executive officer, the routine cholesterol test, which estimates LDL cholesterol, has increasingly come under scrutiny for its lack of accuracy, especially when patient triglycerides are elevated and for measuring LDL values below 100 mg/dL.
After six weeks, ZD4522 lowered LDL cholesterol an average of 65 percent at the 80 mg dose.
HDLs clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream by transporting it to the liver for breakdown and excretion (SN: 9/9/89, p.
The results illustrated that a combination of Zocor(R) and FM-VP4 reduced total plasma cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, total plasma triglyceride and the LDL cholesterol/HDL ratio more than either Zocor(R) or FM-VP4 alone.
NEW ORLEANS -- Cutting serum levels of C-reactive protein has proved, for the first time, to be as important as dropping serum levels of LDL cholesterol for improving the outcome of patients with acute coronary syndrome, according to results from a large, prospective study.
In this study, which evaluated 466 patients, a significant and dose-dependent reduction in LDL cholesterol levels was observed.