liquid crystal display

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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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These video promotional items are custom printed containing an LCD screen inside that can play custom video and sound.
Various functions can be selected on the LCD screen, including gauge mode, trip meter, fuel economy, track apps, settings and information.
DS-70U Smart USB LCD monitor with 7" LCD screen is priced at USD119.
Summary: King Hussein Cancer Center chose Abu Tawileh Group, the agent of Samsung in Jordan, to provide the center with 90 Samsung LCD screens 26 and 32 inch of Series 3 and Series 4, which is considered the best selling TV LCD screens in the world.
Available in black, brown, or white, the Zune also has an FM tuner and 3-inch LCD screen.
The company's service works with existing IT networks, along with televisions and plasma and LCD screens.
Argos said plummeting prices have driven the shift to the new slim line plasma and LCD screens which now account for 63 per cent of all its unit sales.
Featuring Sharp's 3D LCD Screen Technology, the Actius AL3D represents Sharp's second generation of 3D Technology-enhanced notebook systems.
5-inch LCD screen built into the rear view mirror or displayed on an in-dash monitor, Hilborn drummed up customers.
The calibrated LCD screen plus controlled ambient lighting conditions reportedly ensure accurate reproduction of colors on-screen.
The VM1 is equipped with UltiMax control and has a new configuration using a 12" color LCD screen and an ergonomic console to create an efficient shop floor programming environment.
Now you can sit back and watch the telly on your very own airline-style LCD screen - the perfect excuse for not having to talk to your scissor dolly about her holiday.
It has an LCD screen and a control panel that has soft-touch membrane controls so that the technician can perform various functions easier.
Notebook makers Mitac International Corp, Quanta Computer Inc, Tatung Co and Universal Scientific Industrial Co Ltd, are all shopping around for OEM orders in the belief that once the current shortage of TFT-LCD panels abates, with the large amount of new capacity coming on line over the next 12 months, the price of a desktop with built-in LCD screen will drop from more than $2,000 at present to less than $1,500.