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an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude

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Principles of fault current limitation by a resonant LC circuit," IEE Proceedings-Generation, Transmission and Distribution, 139: 1-6.
It can be used in place of mechanical buttons where a metal plate can be placed on the button and the distance to the LC circuit is detected via the ESI module.
Rotary part includes secondary core-less LC circuit, full bridge rectifier, filter capacitors and load-for example step or DC motor, or LED lights.
s] block can be realized with a serial LC circuit whose element values are solved from the equations:
The LC circuit selectors are available in three-, six- and eight-way configurations and can be stacked for up to 10-way circuits.
For given filter specifications, a circuit layout configuration can be proposed first, and subsequently a corresponding meaningful LC circuit model (or alternatively called quasi-lumped circuit model) representing the complete filter structure can be established.
The DGS can be represented as a parallel LC circuit and placing the DGS below the input transmission line increases the effective permittivity which in turn increases the effective series inductance of the microstrip line.
The circuit representation of the five-pole coupled-line BPF with equivalent circuits of the DGS, represented by a parallel LC circuit is shown in Figure 4.
07] attenuates the external LC circuit further and reduces the harmonies.
Hence the mushroom EBG can be modeled as an LC circuit with inductance and capacitance given by the following equations:
It makes use of the parallel LC circuit per unit length mode,|4,5~ shown in Figure 2.
Using the above formulas, a preliminary waveguide combiner structure was obtained; the cross-section of which is shown in Figure 3, below the prototype LC circuit.