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a sweetish crystalline amino acid involved in the synthesis by the body of cysteine

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Investigation of L-Serine content of Qazvin cane molasses
Optimization of L-Tryptophan Biosynthesis from L-Serine of processed Iranian Beet and Cane Molasses and Indole by induced Escherichia coli ATCC 11303 Cells.
On the other hand, L-serine, a component of human scent and found in sweat, is known to cause a fright reaction in many fish species".
Although L-serine sends salmon scurrying, it apparently has no effect on bass.
L-Serine is biosynthesized from a glycolytic intermediate, 3-phosphoglycerate, through three sequential catalytic reactions (Fig.
Our L-serine studies revealed that, in the developing and mature brain, L-serine is a key mediator of neurotrophic/survival support provided by radial glia/astrocytes.
A novel metabolic communication between neurons and astrocytes: non-essential amino acid L-serine released from astrocytes is essential for developing hippocampal neurons.
Relationships between the sedative and hypnotic effects of intracerebroventricular administration of L-serine and its metabolites, pyruvate and the derivative amino acids contents in the neonatal chicks under acute stressful conditions.
The latter method was improved on by a column-switching system (15) and applied to detect D- and L-serine in CSF (8).
5% NaCl + (-) 5% NaCl + + 7% NaCl + + 10% NaCl (-) v Crystal violet (-) (-) (1) TCBS Agar - - (1) TCBS (yellow) - - Acid from: D-galactose (-) - D-mannose v - Degradation of: Starch - + Esculin (-) + Use as sole carbon source: Acetate + (+) [beta]-alanine + v DL-alanine + + ([delta]) L-arginine + (+) Glycine + (+) Inulin + (-) L-lysine + (+) Malonate + (-) L-phenylalanine + + ([delta]) L-proline + + Propanol + v Pyruvate + + ([delta]) L-serine + (+) Succinate + v L-tartrate + ([delta]) (-) L-tryptophan + ([delta]) (-) Uracil + ([delta]) v Sensitivity to: 0/129 (150 [micro]g) - v Tetracycline (30 [micro]g) ([integral])([integral]) + v Aerobic species identified * Test 3 ([dagger]) 4 ([double dagger]) ** 3 4 (1) ADH ([integral])([integral]) - - Glucose oxidation - - (1) KIA/[H.
We have purified from rat brain a soluble enzyme that catalyzes the direct racemization of L-serine to D-serine.
This latter effect was taken as evidence for the presence of an activated L-serine sulfhydrase pathway in which L-cysteine reacts with specific thiols to form [H.
They were able to carry out nitrate reduction and the use of different substrates as sole carbon source, such as acetate, [beta]-alanine, DL-alanine, glycine, L-lysine, malonate, L-phenylalanine, L-proline, propanol, pyruvate, or L-serine.
However, in a study of four patients with end-stage renal disease, 3 or 4 g of L-serine taken daily for 1 week had no effect on tHcy (32).
To characterize the difference in the sensitivity of the chemoreceptors on the outer flagellum to both female and male urines, the responses of outer flagellum afferents to various concentrations of female and male urine were analyzed quantitatively by normalizing them to the response to 1 mM L-serine (standard reference stimulus: STD) (Fig.