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a long-playing phonograph record

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When L-P began operations, Mendocino was still a heavily forested county, virtually untouched by the rapid urbanization that had gripped much of the state.
The aspen used by L-P also makes for efficient growth patterns - it doesn't need to be replanted.
Furthermore, the agreement explicitly allows L-P to cut in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park.
Davis and the thousands of homeowners like her whose roofs are failing are just seeking to hold L-P to the promises it made to them and to get their roofs fixed," said Clint Walker of Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva, also co-lead counsel for plaintiffs.
The audit also included both private and public lands from which L-P purchases timber.
says that L-P, which has 129 facilities in twenty-seven states, Mexico and Canada, and owns 1.
com after an exhaustive and rigorous search because they share our vision of B2B e-commerce in the building materials industry," said Mark Suwyn, L-P chairman and CEO.
L-P plans to build the winning pieces and exhibit them as part of its booth at the Fair.
L-P QUEBEC DIVISION favours technology that maximizes the plant's environmental performance and its fiber recovery performance.
PHOTO : An L-P employee applies Ashland Chemicals ISOSET adhesive.
Easley noted that the bark L-P currently generates is predominately used in landscaping and the production of low-value fuel used at its facilities.
Suwyn noted that the joint venture gives L-P additional financial flexibility by reducing the company's investment in OSB plant expansions so that capital may be re-deployed into other investment opportunities.
This acquisition helps L-P better provide quality, low cost 2x4 and 2x6 lumber for residential construction and growing retail markets in the North Central U.
Sawyer's assets offer L-P a complementary geographic fit that better enables us to service customers in the North Central U.
With plants in Alabama and Idaho, L-P is very well positioned to serve customers across the United States," said Kastelic.