Kyzyl Kum

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a desert in Uzbekistan to the southeast of the Aral Sea

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The Karakum and the Kyzyl Kum are the largest sand deserts in Middle Asia, but on the edges of these areas there are other smaller areas of sand; these areas are scattered over a region that contains different parent materials.
in the low parts of the piedmont plains and in the flat depressions of the sand deserts of the Karakum and the Kyzyl Kum.
A maximum of 12 people travel (together with an experienced guide) through Uzbekistan, visiting Khiva and its old walled city of Ichon-Qala before travelling across the Kyzyl Kum desert to Bukhara.
Also amongst Oxus's portfolio of assets are 50% interests in two exploration properties in the vicinity of the Muruntau open pit gold mine in the Kyzyl Kum Desert.
There is nowhere like the flower-covered plain of the southern Kyzyl Kum in mid-April and early May.