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English dramatist (1558-1594)

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Since Doing Kyd offers tastes of the major critical issues--generic, editorial, historical, and theatrical--for studying The Spanish Tragedy, the bibliography fittingly presents a wider menu.
In The Spanish Tragedy Kyd follows Beroaldo's and Adlington's treatment of The Golden Ass as a wrapper with an allegorical text under the surface text.
Kyd refers to history as a source of the death episode as the spirit of death promises in making this tragedy: "Mark well what follows, for the history / Proves me chief actor in this tragedy" 49-50).
Misty Kyd was apparently named after the Clint Eastwood film Play Misty for Me, and Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid.
Victoria had Romeo, the Olivers rustled up Poppy Honey, Sadie had a Rudy to add to her Rafferty and Sharleen Spiteri gave birth to a Misty Kyd - it almost makes Kate Moss's new arrival, Lola, sound boring.
Earlier Monday, IAEA spokesman David Kyd told a news conference that if terrorists used commercial jetliners to attack nuclear power plants in Europe, the damage could have been devastating.
Former TV Casualty heart-throb Gerald Kyd plays Rama, his charms not at all diminished by being painted blue all over and given hair extensions.
Whether or not Kyd was aware of the Veronica cloth, which may have appeared in the York Cycle as late as 1569, he was also able to draw on the powerful religious overtones of stage blood.
Pollitt made a tremendous penalty save to block four-goal Butler's spot kick after White had tripped Kyd in the area.
After the Restoration when the plays of Shakespeare, Beaumont, and Fletcher were keeping the stage albeit in adaptations, Kyd was forgotten.
Kyd anticipated the structure of many later plays, including the development of middle and final climaxes.
Although other plays by Jones are occasionally recalled--The Liberty Tree (1832) and Paul Revere (1875) among them--the strangest and one of the most popular of his productions was Captain Kyd, or, The Wizard of the Sea (1830).
A scrivener by profession, Kyd became the author of the most popular drama of his day with his Senecan revenge - play The Spanish Tragedy (produced between 1584 and 1589).
Previously released on CD, the 15 track digital download album features the stylish original music score composed by British Academy award-winner Jesper Kyd whose powerful blend of epic orchestral, choral and modern electronic compositions beautifully enhances the cool, dark cinematic flair of the Hitman series (www.