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English dramatist (1558-1594)

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Before closing with a short chapter on Kyd's "Other Works and Apocrypha," Erne suggests that the influence of Garnier's play on Kyd "may have been of greater importance than that of any other play of his century"--that he may have "looked to Cornelie when writing The Spanish Tragedy and to The Spanish Tragedy when writing Cornelia" (215).
Earlier Monday, IAEA spokesman David Kyd told a news conference that if terrorists used commercial jetliners to attack nuclear power plants in Europe, the damage could have been devastating.
In the tragedy's opening scene, for example, Kyd pits love against war and Christianity against classical mythology as the authorities of the underworld debate the fate of the deceased Don Andrea.
But Holland, was Hartlepool's man of the match with brilliant saves from Kyd, Taylor and Wanless as Cambridge followed up the form they suddenly found in their midweek FA Cup win.
Williams made a great tackle to rob Kyd on the Plymouth goalline and his long pass under pressure found Jean on the halfway line.
Cambridge were on course for their first away win of the season when Michael Kyd gave them a dream start.
Her figure is back to its usual trim shape after the birth of daughter Misty Kyd.
The Texas singer, 34, who gave birth to Misty Kyd last September, tells 3am: "I'm not taking time off.
Does limitation of this study to major canonical plays by Kyd, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Webster, and Middleton cut reformist drama off from its pre-Shakespearean roots in popular interludes composed for production by Protestant ideologues such as Bale, Richard Weaver, and Thomas Becon?
Earlier on, Michael Kyd had shot Cambridge ahead 50 seconds after the restart, only for Gijsbert Bos to equalise for Rotherham.
SHARLEEN SPITERI is to team up with Elton John in one of her first public appearances since giving birth to four month old Misty Kyd last year.
3am can exclusively reveal that the Texas singer gave birth to 8lb 7oz Misty Kyd Heath at 11.
Cambridge, boosted by a great seventh-minute goal from Kyd, were in control against a Chester side who struggled to find any sort of rhythm.
Winger Raynor flicked home when Michael Kyd knocked the ball back from the far post after Jamie Barnwell's cross.
TEXAS star Sharleen Spiteri hit the road yesterday with daughter Misty Kyd in tow.