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Synonyms for volt-ampere

a unit of electrical power in an AC circuit equal to the power dissipated when 1 volt produces a current of 1 ampere


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Overhead Or Pole Top Transformers: 500 Kva and Below: Three Phase
KVA let 62 workers go earlier this month after the company terminated their contracts, prompting the former employees to block a vital Beirut highway Tuesday, paralyzing traffic around the capital.
KVA longitudinal seam-welded MSS can be produced fully hardened, fully annealed, or anywhere in between, at substantial cost savings over seamless 410 or 420 pipe.
The 9320-CO3 offers the advantage of longer battery runtimes, growth of system capacity up to 60 kVA and up to N+2 redundancy.
Liquid dielectric transformers having a power handling capacity 650 KVA but 16 KVA but <=500 KVA
About kVA: kVA is the leading source of expertise for automotive functional safety and ISO 26262.
The sub-product segments discussed include 500-10,000 kVA Transformers, 10,001-30,000 kVA Transformers, 30,001-100,000 kVA Transformers, and >100,001 kVA Transformers.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of On-Line Ups Systems And Battery Banks 5 Kva Ups System With 4 Hour Tubular Battery Backup,5+5 Kva Ups System With 4 Hour Tubular Battery Backup With Critical And Non-Critical Configuration.
3 percent growth rate in European UPS revenues, along with positive demand for three-phase products ranging from 50 kVA and above.