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a seaport on the Persian Gulf and capital of Kuwait

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The relationship between Emiratis and Kuwaitis started before there were any diplomatic and international relations between the two countries," he says.
A Syrian national who had fraudulently acquired Kuwaiti citizenship 22 years ago has been arrested by the authorities in Kuwait.
Security forces in Kuwait arrested 14 Kuwaitis and Egyptians who got involved in the incident, as well as the driver of the vehicle.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- An Ankara court on Tuesday dismissed a request filed for the cancelation of the release of a Kuwaiti Embassy driver who, with a group of Kuwaiti diplomats, beat up a Turkish pilot last week, a Turkish daily reported.
He commanded great respect among the Kuwaitis, the Arab and in the world in general.
Gulf Bank s participation is part of its responsibility as a Kuwaiti company to help provide bright and enthusiastic young Kuwaitis who are looking for jobs, with suitable career development opportunities when they return from studying abroad.
Basra (NINA) -- Iraqi economic and commercial delegation discussed in Kuwait, with the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry, means of investing in Basra Province and mechanism of activating trade and economic relations.
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein apologized in a letter addressed to the Kuwaiti people Saturday for invading their country in 1990, but was bitterly critical of Kuwaiti leaders for their cooperation with Iraqi opposition groups abroad to topple his regime.
The Clinton administration said that the Kuwaitis were delaying a decision on the movement of the 3,000 soldiers because they were angered that the deployment was announced Friday before an official request was made to the Kuwaiti government.
This caste-like social structure has secured all of the power and wealth in the hands of the "first-class" Kuwaitis.
Only a few weeks back from his trip to Kuwait, Chief Reilly was shocked to read about a Gallup poll, which reported that only 28 percent of Kuwaitis had a favorable opinion of the U.
3 million Kuwaitis, only one million were genuine while the remaining 300,000 had obtained the citizenship fraudulently.
Those exempt from the fees include children under the age of 12, cancer patients, non-Kuwaiti women married to Kuwaitis, non-Kuwaiti mothers of Kuwaitis and the daughters of a Kuwaiti mother married to a non-Kuwaiti.
Egyptian expat Ahmed Atef was killed and two Egyptians nationals and one Kuwaiti citizen were seriously injured, allegedly as a result of a fight between Egyptian workers and two Kuwaitis in an electronics shop in Rehab Mall in Kuwait Saturday evening.
Jassim AlQames, Public Relations Manager at Wataniya Airways said: "As a proud Kuwaiti airline that carries the symbol of Kuwait all over the world, we believe that these young Kuwaitis represent the essence and values of Kuwait.