Kuwaiti dinar

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the basic unit of money in Kuwait

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The punishment of a fine of 44,35,814 Kuwaiti dinar was announced by an accountability court to the accused Yaqub in the case.
Acting Chief Treasury Officer at KFH Ahmad Al-Sumait mentioned that the three-month deposit in Kuwaiti dinar has achieved returns during Q2 of this year that reached 0.
The increased sum will be paid in five installments per annum, beginning from April 2013, thus raising Saudi Arabia's stake to Kuwaiti Dinar 2,985 million, to maintain its contribution rate in the corporation's capital, he concluded.
It's very simple: companies that conduct research and others should conduct their research based upon the highest valued currency -- if not the Kuwaiti dinar, then the euro or the British pound sterling, those higher currencies that remain so.
2 million Kuwaiti dinars during the first nine months of the current year, compared with 106.
engineering firm Fluor Corporation, will also take a contract at Mina Abdullah with a bid of 962 million Kuwaiti Dinars
This fund is the eighteenth edition of the Islamic Ijara funds and the second from the Kuwaiti Dinar series and is will offer Private Banking clients an investment product that generates monthly income of 6.
2014 -- The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) released the sixth issue of the Kuwaiti dinar with updated technical and security features.
41 million Kuwaiti Dinar would also be offered by the Abu Dhabi Fund Development, representing 16.
Kuwait Finance House (KFH) announced the returns of its diverse investment deposits that it offers to its clients in foreign currencies, and the three-year deposit in Kuwaiti dinar during Q2 of this year that ends on 30/6/2013.
Clearly there is interest to sell the Kuwaiti dinar because with the dollar strengthening, the dinar now starts to depreciate," said a banker in Kuwait.
COThe Central Bank of Kuwait recently reverted to the normal process of providing banks in Kuwait with the facility of covering Kuwaiti dinar positions developed as a result of customer foreign exchange transactions at the prevailing declared US dollar-Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate, said a central bank statement.
Kuwait Finance House (KFH) announced the returns on various investment deposits that KFH offers its clients in main foreign currencies, and the three-year deposit in Kuwaiti dinar for the fiscal year that ended in 31 December 2011.
The appreciation of the Kuwaiti dinar against the US dollar was also a factor in the slowdown, according to NBK.
2007 -- As of May 20, 2007, the exchange rate of the Kuwaiti dinar against the dollar was pegged to an undisclosed weighted basket of international currencies of Kuwait's major trade and financial partners, thus reverting back to the exchange rate policy followed prior to 2003.