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a city in southern Ghana

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The outcome of this match was greatly anticipated throughout Ghana, for Great Ashantis had been born as a result of a split within Kumase Asante Kotoko while Great Olympics had also been spawned as a result of a quarrel between some of the players and the management.
There you have it--and there you have her--in Aburi, Ghana--a Queen Mother with a statue, a street named in her honor, and an Akan stool in the ancestral stool house; in Kumase, Ghana-honored on kente bookmarks; in Ofoase, Ghana-honored on garments; in the Cape Coast region of Ghana-honored with a self help village-due to New Yorkers and New Jerseyites who, while never meeting Nana Tubman in the flesh, met and traveled with her Spirit to the highest of spiritual honor in her ancestral homeland.
Now who was it at Old Tafo who had the audacity to imagine that he could promote such a match as the "out-dooring" contest between famous national teams of the size of Kumase Great Ashantis and Accra Great Olympics?
It just happens that I went to a concert in Kumase the last time I was in Ghana, and Kwesi Pee (Agyaaku's son) performed all these good Yamoah's tunes, as well as his own, and he received a standing ovation--he was that impressive.
Joe and Peggy Appiah settled in Kumase in 1954, and despite the temptations that a polygamous environment must have put in the path of Joe, who was the quintessential Asante man, the marriage lasted all their lives.
They met at airports to the strains of national anthems bleated out on the very self-same musical instruments formerly used to play marches that incited soldiers to go and shoot Africans in Sharpeville, or burn towns like Kumase.
That is why I welcomed the opportunity, in May, to go to Kumase, capital of the Asante region of Ghana, to witness a festival that the Asante people hold rather rarely.
A man with whom it is difficult to quarrel': If Kofi Annan's father, the late henry reginald annan of kumase, ghana, were alive to see his son in operation, he would not be surprised.