Aloe vera

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very short-stemmed plant with thick leaves with soothing mucilaginous juice


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If the Congress thinks that Kumari Selja was hurt with the BJP's remarks, they must understand that she also made a remark that hurt crores of people of India.
Kumaris can't leave their houses except for festivals.
Talking to reporter here on Tuesday, Krishna Lal Kumari said the women of rural areas were unaware about their rights, responsibilities and they were experiencing social and economic problems.
Since then, Kumari has been on hunger strike vowing to die rather than return to her parents' home.
Even 40 years after her death, Meena Kumari is still one of Bollywood's most famous actresses.
The prestigious Geeta Chopra Award has been conferred to 16-year-old Kumari Maleka Singh Tak of Rajasthan who displayed rare grit and determination in fighting off her molesters.
IT ALL FITS TOGETHER Om Kumari Budha Magar has won a place to study medicine at Cambridge
A police team investigating the deaths arrested Kumari on Wednesday, and authorities were questioning her to establish how the pesticide got mixed with the food, said police superintendent Sujit Kumar.
With many years of experiA[degrees] ence, Dr Bindu Kumari is a popular obstetrician and gynaeA[degrees] cologists in Oman today, with over eight years of experience in Muscat.
The Saudi Red Crescent Society brought Kumari to a psychiatric hospital in Dammam where she remained under medical care for almost 10 months.
Baby Kumari, 35, from Andhra Pradesh approached Indian Ambassador Dr Mohan Kumar during an embassy open house on Friday.
Among his topics are founder Dada Leckraj and the Sindi background of the Brahma Kumaris, the growth of the Brahma Kumaris and opposition to them, Mount Abu, implications of the changes, and a model of the Brahma Kumari tradition.
com), a part of Kumari Labs Infotech Private Limited, announces the acquisition of Gohindi (www.
FEARS are growing for the safety of Black Country 21-year-old Reena Kumari who has been missing for nearly two weeks.
Chanira Bajracharya, 15, called Kumari, was among nearly half a million children who took the exams in March.