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Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis Khan who completed his grandfather's conquest of China

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Polo says Kubla Khan took a liking to him because of his lively conversation, and sent him on fact-finding tours of his newly conquered territory.
He was an opium addict at the time (his poem Kubla Khan always used to end with a comma since the poet was disturbed in full flight by 'the person from Porlock').
Samuel Coleridge: The poet who wrote Kubla Khan - hooked on opium dissolved in alcohol.
Medusa Film production, in association with Kubla Khan.
This poem alludes to the poet Coleridge's explanation of why he did not complete his famous poetic fragment Kubla Khan.
It went on for 168 lines, so fulsome that Coleridge himself might have thought them over the top if used to describe his own great structure, that stately pleasure dome decreed in Xanadu by Kubla Khan.
Like most people I knew 'water, water everywhere' and 'in Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree', but that was basically it,' he said.
The notion that Wordsworth was the stranger from Porlock who broke the Kubla Khan reverie is a particularly inspired touch.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge was under the influence of opium when he wrote his poem Kubla Khan
Two writers of fiction famously addicted to opium were Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who wrote Kubla Khan in 1797 while taking opium, and Wilkie Collins.
The rides and attractions at the Birmingham complex will be themed around Samuel Taylor-Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan, which contains the line: "In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree," and later alludes to caves of ice.
The evening opened robustly, with Richard Pasco's voice at its best in a spellbinding reading of Coleridge's Kubla Khan, such that the audience was captivated throughout and in a mind to relish some of the world's most moving words alongside some of its most homely.
Some are pinched from his other famous set of verses, Kubla Khan.
Australia Post is profiling four magnificent Australian caves in its newest stamp issue: Cliefden Caves, in New South Wales; Weebubbie Cave, in Western Australia; Undara Lava Tube, in Queensland; and Kubla Khan Cave in Tasmania.
Must we all jump into a Kubla Khan * and join the dream