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a secret society of white Southerners in the United States

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With them Ku Kluxers all over the place, all Albert could do was look at the ground.
27) But the Pale Faces initiation records allow us to revisit the origins of the Ku Klux in Tennessee, interrogate terms such as "amusement" and "horseplay," and question the veterans' line on the originary purposes and practices of Ku Kluxers.
110) The actions of state authorities undoubtedly inhibited the activities of violent groups, but no prosecutions were ever successfully brought against Ku Kluxers, and members of the Columbia Pale Faces continued to serve on juries in the fall term of the Circuit Court.
In between he parades, for several pages each, a predictably disagreeable assortment of Know-Nothings, professional anti-Semites, Ku Kluxers, John Birchers and Aryan supremacists.
He has constantly been warned not to stare at the white woman, a symbol of the Blessed Virgin which Wright associates, in Pagan Spain, with "the purity of white womanhood" the Ku Kluxers try to protect in the South.