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Boer statesman (1825-1904)

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The 27-year-old Scot, at his third Olympics, was behind only Kruger, who had a clear lead, as the skiers entered the stadium for the final time, with 3.
Kruger Plastic Products provides customers with parts in conjunction with value-added services relating to engineering, design/decoration, material, process, assembly and packaging.
Kruger, 41, reportedly wore a black one-piece bathing suit, which showed off her toned figure, for their outing.
De Estados Unidos le ordena el alto mando aleman a Hilda Kruger que se traslade a Mexico --cuenta Juan Alberto Cedillo--, debido a que en nuestro pais esta la transicion del gobierno de Lazaro Cardenas a Manuel Avila Camacho.
Kruger rewards those of us who love show tunes and old Hollywood movies, even as she compels us to question the nostalgia she harnesses.
The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Mr Gugile Nkwinti will hand over financial compensation to communities in respect of various land claims on the Kruger National Park.
In 2013, the Kontras Quartet commissioned Jens Kruger of the internationally renowned Kruger Brothers to write a brand new work for string quartet, banjo, guitar and bass.
The selection committee left them no choice, so Altman and Kruger will face off for the first time in their coaching careers Saturday at the Honda Center.
In doing this, Kruger forges an even more mutually dependent relationship between our days on earth and the relevance of poetry.
Kruger also finished last year playing some decent golf, but most of it came in weak company on the Asian Tour, and Otto, a former SA Open champion, has the edge.
The so-called ''intensive protection zone'' in the southern part of Kruger National Park took on new urgency when South Africa, home to 80 percent of the world's rhinos, announced Thursday that 1,020 rhinos have been poached so far in 2014, exceeding last year's record of 1,004.
NEW YORK (AP) -- German-born actress Diane Kruger says watching Sunday's World Cup final she couldn't eat, drink or sit down the entire match.
Stephen Paul Kruger, father of the groom, served as best man.
Khomasdal Shotokan Dojo was founded by the then 17-year old Morchen Kruger in June 2012.
Orion Engineered Carbons has hired Jorg Kruger as senior vice president of global operations.