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Russian anarchist (1842-1921)

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he includes the line (removed from the version of the poem in Bending the Bow) "Kropotkin working on his new ethics in the short light of the Bolshevik winter" ("Multiversity"), explicitly connecting the concepts of commune and ethics with Kropotkin.
Ever alert to the possibilities of drama and providentialism in the stories drawn from his life, Currelly weaves the net of coincidences that led him from Kropotkin and the present to his first acquaintance with Sir Flinders Petrie (one of the foremost archaeologists of his era) and the past.
Among other sources may be cited in the work of Ernest Renan, William Morris, that of several Fabians, as well as principled anarchists such as Prince Kropotkin.
One of the things I said in it was "Comrade Read had better read Kropotkin and find out what this is all about.
020 mm diameter from Kropotkin, 50 km south of the Russian city of Tikhoretsk, to the new terminal on the Black Sea just north of Novorossyisk.
Kropotkin writes that "no need of government will be felt, because free agreement and federation take its place in all those functions which governments consider as theirs at the present time" (p.
Cezanne and Gauguin, he said, were revolutionary painters, and 'are to their younger comrades what Marx and Kropotkin are to the young social reformers of to day.
Nietzsche, Marx, Engels, Kropotkin, Max Stirner, plays by Ibsen, Shaw, Strindberg, poetry by Swinburne, Rossetti, Wilde, Ernest Dowson, Kipling, etc.
Il y a certes quelques exceptions, comme par exemple Peter Jackson (1993 : 562-563) qui, dans sa breve description de la geographie sociale faite dans le dictionnaire de geographie humaine de Johnston (1993), refere a des <<non-Anglo-Americains>> tels que Kropotkin et Reclus.
The book also provides a very useful examination of the differences, as well as the similarities, between the approaches of Elisee Reclus, Kropotkin, Howard and Geddes to the future of the city.
I went with the thought of Peter Kropotkin, the Russian anarchist who advised students in Mutual Aid: "Think about the kind of world you want to live and work in.
Moreau to Fenimore Cooper, Conrad, Kropotkin, de Sade, and Spielberg to centaurs, harpies, the rabbit virus, landfill, and title deeds.
But Bakunin, as I've said, is essential, and so is Piotr Kropotkin.
The Operations Control Center (OCC), complete with training system, will be located at the marine terminal in Novorossiysk, and the Secondary Control Center (SCC) will be located at the Kropotkin pump station, also in Russia.
For influential examples of this view, see EMMA GOLDMAN, ANARCHISM AND OTHER ESSAYS (Dover Publications 1969) (1917); THE ESSENTIAL KROPOTKIN (Emile Capouya & Keitha Tompkins eds.