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United States artist remembered for her spontaneous approach to painting


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On November 7, Philadelphia voters made Krasner the city's top prosecutor--the latest, most high-profile example of a candidate who won a D.
Significantly, the newly reopened and expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has placed two large, exuberant and vigorous works by Krasner and Mitchell right at the front of its 'Approaching American Abstraction' display.
With Newcastle and Sunderland both in the relegation zone with just seven games remaining, Mr Krasner said there were massive financial implications for the two North East clubs.
Krasner brings more than 25 years of health IT experience in business development, product marketing, and enterprise sales to the company as a board member.
Mr Krasner was speaking to the Telegraph after the club's latest accounts were led and showed a PS6.
By the later '40s, Krasner and Lewis hit their stride.
e rm said it would only sell a maximum of 24 per cent of its stake to protect its listing on the Hong Kong Gerald Krasner | Stock Exchange.
8220;For as long as Jeffrey and I have been in the mortgage industry, we have honestly never had such a fantastic support system from every single person within the Maverick family,” said Brian Krasner.
Because broadcast fees made up such a high proportion of the club's revenue, Mr Krasner said it would be a disaster if the club were ever to lose these by dropping out of the Premiership, as it did in 2009.
and at the home Pollock shared with his wife, artist Lee Krasner, in the Springs community of East Hampton - now a museum and study center.
After a lifetime spent dealing with writers, artists, and curators ultimately only interested in her husband Jackson Pollock, Krasner became suspicious of the biographer's task and intent.
THE TOPIC: Lee Krasner liked to say that she painted "before Pollock, during Pollock, after Pollock.
This little episode tells you all you need to know about the pathos of Lee Krasner's life, and of the new biography Lee Krasner by Gail Levin (William Morrow, $30).
Krasner chronicles what he calls the "Benderly revolution in American Jewish education" (3).
Their drummer, Jay Krasner of Douglas, said, "There was not even a question that we'd want to be a part of it.