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strong wrapping paper made from pulp processed with a sulfur solution


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These findings led us to investigate the sex ratios of embryos of the viviparous eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) in the vicinity of a large kraft pulp mill on the Swedish Baltic coast (20).
The Finnish forest industry group UPM-Kymmene Corporation said today (15 May) that it would invest EUR260m in a new single-line recovery island at its kraft pulp mill in Pietarsaari, Finland.
This is essentially a new class of softwood Kraft pulp," said Don Atkinson, vice president of Marketing and New Product Development for Weyerhaeuser Cellulose Fibers.
Its Thunder Bay mill has approximately 1,300 full-time employees and produces an annual average of 500,000 tonnes of kraft pulp.
We produce fine paper, which is essentially paper that is used either by printers or business papers (photocopy paper), and we have a kraft pulp mill, which produces pulp that is then used in the paper machines.
In addition, the company makes bleached kraft pulp and lumber products.
The study compared four different bleached kraft pulp model mills, representing greenfield mills with different steam demands and varying surpluses of thermal energy that can be precipitated as lignin.
said the firm plans to spend approximately $30 million on capital projects over the next three years at its bleached kraft pulp mill in Terrace Bay.
The company is the largest producer of softwood lumber and one of the largest producers of northern softwood kraft pulp in Canada.
The mill is back to producing 140,000 tons/year of bleached kraft pulp and converting it into 72,000 tons/yr of paper, 36,000 tons/yr of tissue, and 30,000 tons/yr of market pulp.
Changes at the Dryden mill over the past 10 years have meant the replacement of 80 per cent of the original facility which began operation in 1913 as a kraft pulp mill.
Canfor is a major producer and supplier of SPF and SYP lumber, bleached kraft pulp, specialty kraft paper, plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) for markets around the world.
We measured the moisture diffusivity of handsheets made of refined bleached kraft pulp at various relative humidity conditions.
Upon start-up in the fall of 1991, the project will substantially increase the mill's ability to substitute chlorine dioxide for chlorine in the bleaching of kraft pulp, significantly reducing the amount of chlorinated organics in the mill's effluent, including dioxins.
Canfor is a major producer and supplier of lumber, bleached kraft pulp, specialty kraft paper, plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) for markets around the world.