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a Serbian province in southern Serbia and Montenegro populated predominantly by Albanians

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That is, Kosovar identification with Canada is not solely a product of the indigenous politics of Serbia and Montenegro.
The average Kosovar man devotes 57 percent of his time to earned income activities (i.
In response to the displacement of Kosovars to Macedonia and Albania in 1999, Canada accepted 7,271 Kosovar refugees for immediate settlement (Centre for Refugee Studies [CRS] and Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement [CERIS] 2001; United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants [USCR] 2000).
In Kosovo, the informal telling of stories in Kosovar family living rooms and the more formalized collection of stories by human rights groups served to strengthen Albanian solidarity as a united, oppressed people.
The Kosovar, 26, kept a watch and drove his accomplices in his car before and after the robbery.
In our characteristic impetuosity, we have pushed our remaining allies into supporting the Kosovar independence movement and have let this genie out of the bottle.
Last year, a majority of Kosovar Serbs (51%) told Gallup that many or most people in Serbia were afraid to openly express their political views, while only 14% of Kosovar Albanians agreed.
Given these diplomatic realities, the argument ran, acknowledging the possibility of precedent could prove counter-productive by serving to energize separatists and lead them to emulate radical Kosovar Albanians in other countries.
His army swept into Kosovo and drove nearly one million Kosovar refugees from their homes.
Meanwhile, the Kosovar Albanians are free to get on with what they know best: brigandage.
Despite govemment denials on both sides of the Atlantic, SAS [British Special Forces] and US Delta Force instructors were used to train Kosovar Volunteers in weapons handling, demolition and ambush techniques, and basic organization.
to a Kosovar Serb after giving him a NATO publication.
A majority of Kosovar Albanians, however, did not believe that an independent Kosovo would result in regional instability.
The Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC Consortium, an alliance between Limak Group and France's Aeroports de Lyon, signed the concession agreement with the Kosovar government in Pristina on Friday, getting the operating rights of the Pristina International Airport for a duration of 20 years.