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a Serbian province in southern Serbia and Montenegro populated predominantly by Albanians

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The Committee greets the decision of French court that certified the decision of the Court of Hague and devalued the efforts of Belgrade to discredit Kosovar leaders and their war for the independence of Kosovo and its liberation form terror and ethnic cleansing of the regime of Miloshevic.
Plus haut responsable kosovar jamais poursuivi par le Tribunal penal international pour l'ex-Yougoslavie (TPIY), il avait ete acquitte par cette meme instance en 2012, a precise la meme source.
Since late 2014, Kosovar authorities have closed dozens of foreign-funded charities--mostly Saudi-backed--in a bid to address Kosovo's radicalization problem.
After Kosovar Parliamentary speaker Kadri Veseli started to speak, Vetyendosye Deputy Shqipe Pantina left a gas bomb at the hall but Veseli did not recess the session.
Peter Constantine: Kosovo's international festival of literature in Orllan has over the last few years attracted a number of Kosovar writers and international literary figures.
The area of the incident is a tinderbox where Kosovars and Serbs have frequently clashed in their joint-border region.
MEPs also hope that the International Olympic Committee will enable Kosovar athletes to take part in the upcoming London Olympic Games.
Many Kosovar Albanian men divorce their first wives by mutual consent, departing for western Europe where they find new spouses who enable them to obtain residency papers.
Summary: The murky distinction between the principles of self-determination and territorial integrityCoas the UN rules Kosovar unilateral independence legal, a new precedent is set for nationalist struggles
The three defendants u an Australian, a Kosovar and a Spaniard u are accused of robbing the valuables from a villa in Emirates Hills on December 8 last year.
According to Burr, the production drew extensive media interest in the Balkans, and now it visits Oda's turf: In August, Doruntine tours three Albanian cities as part of the Adriatic Summer Theatre Festival, then visits several Macedonian and Kosovar cities.
In our characteristic impetuosity, we have pushed our remaining allies into supporting the Kosovar independence movement and have let this genie out of the bottle.
Last year, a majority of Kosovar Serbs (51%) told Gallup that many or most people in Serbia were afraid to openly express their political views, while only 14% of Kosovar Albanians agreed.
Given these diplomatic realities, the argument ran, acknowledging the possibility of precedent could prove counter-productive by serving to energize separatists and lead them to emulate radical Kosovar Albanians in other countries.
In 1999, 905 Kosovar refugees settled in the province of British Columbia (BC) in Canada.