Komodo dragon

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the largest lizard in the world (10 feet)

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You should be very careful near wildlife, particularly Komodo dragons.
Komodo dragons have always been rare in captivity because they require special enclosures kept about 90 degrees year-round and covered like a greenhouse to let in the ultraviolet light they require from the sun.
The primary objective of our study was to evaluate the usefulness of faecal counts and distance sampling for monitoring the abundances of the ungulate prey of the Komodo dragon in and around KNP.
JAKARTA - A Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard, attacked and seriously injured a construction worker in a national park in eastern Indonesia, another worker said Monday.
And parents should be mindful that this science-based mentality is refreshingly unsentimental about who ultimately lives and dies, which includes such things as watching a water buffalo slowly succumb to the poison in a Komodo dragon bite.
If those reasons aren't good enough, consider the bite of a Komodo dragon.
Found in Indonesia the Komodo dragon is the world's largest type of what creature?
Last January, Flora, a female Komodo dragon at the Chester Zoo in England, became both mom and dad to seven babies.
In an outbreak of salmonellosis at a Colorado zoo, 65 cases (most of them in children) were associated with touching a wooden barrier around the Komodo dragon exhibit.
Very highly recommended to reptile collectors and nature/reptile enthusiasts with a scientific orientation, Tuatara, A Living Fossil by Dick Lutz is an informed and informative history of the Komodo Dragon enhanced with complete reference to being the only reptile with its own reptilian order strictly defining itself.
A RARE Komodo dragon plunged to her death scaling a wall to reach her mate, London Zoo confirmed yesterday.
Trash men casually toss into their compactor the Komodo dragon that has just eaten the narrator's cat.
We move farther east to Komodo Island, land of one of the dinosaur's closest survivors and the largest lizard in the world--the Komodo dragon.
The pirates consist of randy Short Bill Gold; his foul-tempered sister, known as the Dragon Lady, who keeps a huge Komodo dragon as a pet; her two young but bloodthirsty children, Cherry and Bud; and a British pilot.
To find food, a Komodo dragon will sometimes swim from one island to another.