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a member of a formerly tribal people now living in south central India

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Twelve Scheduled tribe groups (namely the Bodo Gadaba, Gutob Gadaba, Bondo Poraja, Ghond Poraja, Parangiperja, Chenchu, Dongaria Khonds, Kuttia Khonds, Kolam, Konda Reddis, Konda Savaras, and Thoti) are identified by the Government as particularly vulnerable tribal groups (Reddy and Kumar 2010).
Leyenda: FIGURA 1 Mujer realizando un kolam afuera de su casa en Puducherry, ex Pondicherry, sur de la India.
Le cas des dessins de sols kolam pris pour exemple par Gell sont a distinguer des kalam rituels decrits dans le present article.
Oppenheimer's study of the depredations of fantasy, in which American movies shape a campaign of violence that in turn is restaged decades later as a crime-film-cum-comedy--Herman camps it up as a pregnant "Communist bitch" who will give birth to a little leftist unless she is dispatched--gets progressively more disturbing (and, at times, grindingly repetitious) as Anwar and company prepare for the ultimate reenactment, that of the Pancasila Youth's 1965 massacre of the villagers of Kampung Kolam.
The influx of Indian Muslim migrants at the initial phase later formed settlements such as at Kampung Kolam, Lebuh Chulia and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang Island.
Through Congo and Koto, the helmers gain access to a dozen or so other key figures involved in the mass killings, ranging from Ibrahim Sinik, a prominent newspaper publisher who pronounced many of the communist death sentences, to North Sumatran youth minister Sakhyan Asmara, who interrupts the climactic Kampung Kolam re-enactment to coach the paramilitary extras on how to appear more realistic.
Kolam is a socially significant practice in which female members of the family draw differing patterns on the doorstep of the home each dawn.
This production is very unique and it includes a piece on a song Kolam Kana Vareer which no choreographer has ventured yet.
is presenting a technological re-creation of Kolam alongside a documentation of traditional Kolam from South India.
People from Pyar, Kolam, Nilab, Baidak, Paros, and Garmesh traverse the 25-kilometre distance to the district centre through the mountains on donkeys, he said.
Kolam Faridi, 41, took over the Fargo takeaway, in Far Gosford Street, in March last year.
Installed at Mangi Kolam site in Yavatmal district in Rural Maharashtra.
bar]l's emphasis on performing ritual actions appropriate to her vow (cleaning, drawing kolam, worshipping with flowers and food, eating only once a day) in the first song, and her emphasis on "glimpsing" Krsna playing in Vrnd[a.
2010); corpse recovered at Batu Panjang, Kolam Besar in Jerudong; had been reported missing on Sunday 29 August 2010, when his boat and fishing net were found at the beach; a massive search ensued (BBO Th.
In North India, they are called rangooli, and in South India, kolam.