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a Greek dialect that flourished under the Roman Empire

a common language used by speakers of different languages

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A grammar on the koine type has been just finished; see Muller-Kessler 2002a; forthcoming.
Miller (forthcoming) speaks of an Upper Egyptian koine which may level dialect differences in the area.
Also the koine Babylonian Aramaic bowls once show 'yk' in the sentence: wkl lwtt' 'ysp' smyd' wnydr' wqyryt' wlwtt' wsyqwpyt' d'yk' bgwt' "and every curse, bridled spell, vow, imprecation, curse, and plague that exist there in the inside," Muller-Kessler 2003a, bowl 15:4.
It has been suggested that it was: a) a composite system, never actually pronounced as such by anyone; b) a fully functional standard character reading system with minimal internal variation; c) a spoken koine pronunciation system with minimal internal variation; d) the sound system of the Luohyang dialect; or e) the sound system of the Charng'an dialect.
Perhaps the most striking phonological isogloss separating the Central Tibetan koine from genuine Lhasa Tibetan is the correspondence of retroflex stops [t, t', d] in the former with retroflex affricates in the latter.
Further references in texts of this period throw light on the regional affiliations of the Guanhua koine.
the Koine Babylonian Aramaic bowl BM 91776 (1980-4-15,16): 10-11: .
It's been some 20 years since my Koine Greek classes but it wasn't hard to recognize the prominent Greek Lambda which serves as the Legion Series logo.
By the time the young writer arrived in Paris, these functions had already become part of an avant-garde koine.
An obvious historical example of this occurred in the third and fourth centuries when cultural and linguistic changes in the Roman Empire resulted in a move from koine Greek ("the spoken language of the people of the Hellenistic world") to Latin ("the public language of the western Roman empire").
Phil Mobley is Principal of Koine Communications, Based in Atlanta, a content strategy and development firm that serves the real estate industry.
Greek Orthodox Church (is a term referring to the body of several Churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, whose liturgy is or was traditionally conducted in Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament.
Why did the conquests of imperial Rome aid the spread of Koine ("common") Greek as well as Latin?
The title was derived from the Koine Greek "Ta Biblia" (the books) and was translated into Latin "Biblia" It contained the Old and New Testaments.
Among their topics are Lewis Mumford and the quest for a Jewish architecture, architectural histories and national ideologies among the South Slavs, post-colonial nation-building and symbolic structures in South Africa, from nationalist to critical regionalist architecture, and architectural koine and trans-national Spanish architecture.