Know-Nothing Party

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a former political party in the United States

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Darrell Overdike, The Know-Nothing Party in the South (Baton Rogue, LA: Louisiana University Press, 1950); Sister Paul of the Cross McGrath, Political Nativism in Texas, 1825-1860 (Washington, D.
Nativism" is another smear term, dating to the early 1850s and the Know-Nothing Party, which sought to halt immigration after millions of Irish flooded in following the famine of 1845.
1) Other parties existed during this time span, including the Anti-Federalist Party, the Liberty Party, the Free-Soil Party, and the Know-Nothing Party (also known as the American Party).
The stories of how the sisters remained constant in the face of the anti-Catholic prejudice of the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and the Know-Nothing Party provide a bulk of the framework of the external prejudices.
Millard Fillmore switched from Whig to the American or Know-Nothing party and Theodore Roosevelt went from Republican to the Progressive or Bull Moose Party.
Similarly, in 1855 the staunchly anti-Catholic American Party, popularly called the Know-Nothing Party, found itself winning the governorship in Louisiana with a Catholic candidate.
Riepp, who stood up to the anti-Catholic Know-Nothing Party, also taught Protestant children whose parents supported her efforts to provide quality education for poor, rural girls, Selzler said.
Stevens's relationship with the Know-Nothing party is regrettably not cladfled in this volume.
The night's final offering is a five-piece band, the Know-Nothing Party.