patellar reflex

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a reflex extension of the leg resulting from a sharp tap on the patellar tendon

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People tend to have knee-jerk reactions and switch managers or get upset at managers.
Paul McTaggart, a mining analyst at Morgan Stanley investment bank, said the fall in the sector's shares was a knee-jerk reaction rather than a considered move.
But while the case for a disciplined approach to security is made by Tyndale, the proposals for air marshals is a spin-doctored, panic-button, knee-jerk reaction, typical of a corrupt and rotten system of government.
This type of knee-jerk reaction fails to distinguish between two distinct lending models: accounts receivable (A/R) financing and factoring.
There were definitely a few copy editors who had a knee-jerk reaction and decided they couldn't work on this," says Chairman Mao.
In a knee-jerk reaction to the injuries sustained in the vault during the past year, many scholastic and collegiate programs have forced their vaulters to wear helmets.
Greaver, who teaches a strategic outsourcing seminar for the American Management Association (AMA), makes an effective case for his premise that outsourcing must be a strategic business decision, not a knee-jerk reaction, a quick fix for problems, or a cure for a revenue deficiency.
Philip Kaulu and Mwakuja Mrombo termed it a knee-jerk reaction that will not help.
MARK WEBBER has insisted there will be no knee-jerk reaction from Red Bull in the wake of their recent dip in form.
FINING airports is just another Government knee-jerk reaction to appeasing a very angry travelling public and it will do nothing to improve conditions in the future.
Loan players have been mentioned but I think bringing someone in on loan can be a knee-jerk reaction.
CLOSING the schools because of swine flu is, in my opinion, an uneducated, knee-jerk reaction to the problem.
GEORGE Osborne's knee-jerk reaction to recent strikes exposed a breathtaking lack of knowledge.
Aintree racecourse communications manager Andy Clifton said yesterday: "We'll look at the John Smith's People's Race as part of our overall review of the meeting and also hold a discussion with the sponsors, but it will be done in the cool light of day, and there is no point in giving a knee-jerk reaction today.