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Synonyms for patella

a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint

type genus of the family Patellidae: common European limpets

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The Director of Al Naw Hospital, Dr Muez Hassan Bakhaeet said the Sudan has witnessed the performance of the first knee cap replacement, on Tuesday.
Not only has the design a better geometry to give the patient a more natural feel, it is also better shaped behind the knee cap and comes in many different sizes to match the individual needs of patients.
Treatment involves surgery which can be fairly simple tightening of the supporting ligaments or a more complex surgery with deepening of the knee cap groove and repositioning of the shinbone.
He had a swelling around the knee cap and now he has recovered and is training normally with the first team.
A new study published in the January issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine the effect of quadriceps strength on cartilage loss at both the tibiofemoral joint and the patellofemoral joint (where the thigh bone and knee cap meet) as well as on knee OA symptoms.
Pearson, 26, recently returned to action as a substitute in the FA Cup against Manchester United after four months on the sidelines following surgery to remove part of his knee cap.
It is generally acknowledged that the knee cap is vulnerable to forces from above and below, both near and far.
Chloe Dickinson went for the check at South Tyneside District Hospital after she broke her knee cap.
BRAVE Killie crock Garry Hay revealed how he played on against Celtic with a broken knee cap.
Jake, found as a stray, has three legs and his remaining back leg has a slipped knee cap.
There had been doubt about whether Livingston had dislocated his knee or dislocated his knee cap.
Richard McKinney has been ruled out with a fractured knee cap, while Kofi Dakinah is short of match fitness after hamstring trouble.
A police spokesman said: "Surgeons have operated to rebuild the officer's shattered left knee cap.
She was carried off to hospital, with coaches and medical staff fearing that her knee cap may have shattered.
This last fall I noticed a pain slightly below the knee cap when I ran.