kilometres per hour

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the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours)

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KMH has expertise in insuring commercial marine vessels, commercial marine liability, luxury boats and personal watercraft.
This is the fastest running for long distance in China, with a top speed around 350 kmh.
Aerodynamic drag increases four-fold for every doubling of speed, so this level of motive force is required to push the car to its 1050 mph (1690 kmh, Mach 1.
We scared them away for the other drivers and it cost us some time, because when you go down to 50 kmh, at this altitude it takes a while before you get back to 160
The storm was 40 km (24 miles) east of the city of Katsuura and moving northeast at 65 kmh by 7:00 a.
The new railway will allow millions of pilgrims to cross the 444 km between the two cities at speeds of 320 kmh.
Early investigations into the crash have suggested the train was travelling at 190 kmh (118 mph) - more than twice the speed limit - when it derailed heading into a sharp curve.
Quantitative data on participant demographics was obtained, while qualitative themes including midwives' recognition and response to obstetric emergencies as well as women's perspectives identifying obstetrical emergencies and access to emergency obstetrical healthcare services at KMH.
The four-seater, two-door e2o-pronounced "ee-too-oh"-has zero emissions, an 80 kmh (50 mph) top speed, is automatic and can run for 100 kilometers on a single charge.
The wind for the opening leg is forecast to be between 11-14 KmH.
56 kmh was observed at Cape Erimo, Hokkaido, the agency said, adding record downpours of 82.
In Japan, fast trains now run as fast as 300 kmh and in China, high-speed conventional rail lines operate at top speeds of 350 kmh, while one Maglev line in Shanghai exceeds 433 kmh.
The visitors enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience sampling ATV rides on the mountainous and coastal terrains of Jeju Island, a submarine tour, rifle training and a ride aboard the bullet train at 310 KMH.
All it will mean is that now we will have drivers cutting lanes, tailgating you at 100 kmh.
Business executives could be commuting between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the near future aboard an electric-powered Superbus, carrying 23 passengers at 250 kmh on a dedicated speed track.