kilometres per hour

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Synonyms for kilometres per hour

the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours)

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MURRAY v DJOKOVIC Murray and Djokovic's Australian Open stats to date MURRAY DJOKOVIC 71/2 Aces/doubles faults 46/10 65% 1st serves in 66% 75% 1st serve points won 80% 80/11 Service games won/lost 95/8 215/167 Fastest serve kmh 205/185 181/138 Average serve khm 187/151 41/76 Break points won 33/67 71 28 203 Winners FH BH ALL 85 64 233 82 76 162 Unforced errors FH BH ALL 81 63 157 12h 56m Time on court 14h 37mHEAD-TO-HEADS MAJOR tournament meetings between MURRAY and DJOKOVIC.
0330 GMT), the Central Weather Bureau said the center of the storm was located offshore, 100 kilometers (63 miles) northeast of the capital of Taipei, packing sustained winds of 108 kmh (68 mph) with gusts of up to 137 kmh.
The visit also included an insider's look at entrepreneurship and the business behind media at a working breakfast with KMH Group, a company that works with young media enterprises to develop business model and financial strategies.
But often they have made the simple mistake of reading their speedometer's mph gauge rather than its kmh figure.
Gombert ME, Goldstein EJC, Corrado ML, Stein AJ, Butt KMH.
brought to the show single-screw plasticating technology recently acquired from Kannegiesser KMH in Germany and shown for the first time in the U.
5 tonnes are limited to 100 kmh, while in continental Europe the limit is set at 12 tonnes, but now the whole EU area is to be standardised at 3.
Managing director of KMH Property, Khalid Hussain said: 'Kings Norton has a unique character that is hard to find anywhere else in this vicinity.
Racing through a tunnel at 200 kmh by a 23-year-old.
Blachford was formerly the chief operating officer of KMH Cardiology and Diagnostic Centres in Mississauga, Ont.
According to the company, the Helio Cycle and Helio Cycle M models, which can travel approximately 40 kilometers per charge, are capable of reaching speeds of up to 37 kilometers per hour (kmh) and 25 kmh, respectively.
Previously she was the senior manager of the KMH LLP management consulting practice and earlier worked at Honda North America.
Stating that he was impressed by Johnson's consistency, Siddle also said that he found out that instead of swinging the ball much, Johnson made excellent use of the Centurion Park pitch, which was offering more bounce than it usually does, and banged the ball hard around 150 kmh, which made him quite a handful.
Prabhu, unlike most of his predecessors, also did not announce any new trains, though he promised to speed up trains along nine key corridors linking metros, from their current speed of 110 to 130 kmh to 160 to 200 kmh.
The slow points were effective in reducing vehicle speeds by 20 kmh.