Klamath River

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a river flowing southwest from Oregon through northern California to the Pacific Ocean

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But today, presented with an opportunity to shed liability for damages related to removal of the dams, letting go of the Klamath River dams looks like a prudent financial decision.
By that standard, the Klamath River is geographically backward, for it originates in the high, flat Oregon desert and negotiates steep, picturesque canyons near its mouth in California.
Klamath Lake into the Klamath River and the surrounding farmlands and
For three weeks beginning in September, fish returning to the Klamath River to spawn died by the tens of thousands.
Bureau of Reclamation established the Klamath Project in order to make use of barren land in the Klamath River Basin.
Beginning this month, Whitewater Voyages offers intrepid whitewater rafters the Wave Train, an adventurous ride on the Upper Klamath River that dovetails with an Amtrak rail trip to Klamath Falls, Oregon, via Oakland and Emeryville.
The Silver Hilton name was suggested by renowned steelheader and author Lam Wailer in honor of a classic Klamath River steelhead fly.
Driving a bumpy track along the Klamath River, perhaps 150 feet from a wildlife refuge, he grumbles about a spindly plantation of poplar trees that failed to thrive.
He and his stepfather hunted and gathered and fished all over the valley, the surrounding twelve-mile "Square" and the land along the Klamath River.
The Bureau of Reclamation has made available for public review and comment the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Long-Term Plan to Protect Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River (LTP).
Most Oregonians expect our elected leaders to support more water conservation efforts in the drought-prone Klamath River Basin.
The story of the Klamath River begins in controversy.
Water diversions to farmers in Oregon and Northern California ordered by federal authorities were the primary cause of a massive fish kill in the Klamath River in Northern California, a recent report by the California Department of Fish and Game concluded.
Instead of releasing the desperately needed water to the farmers and the wildlife, federal policies are sending the water down the Klamath River to hydro-power dams owned by a European corporation that is making millions of dollars in profits from the sale of electrical power to California.