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English author of novels and poetry who was born in India (1865-1936)

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Both Mr Kipling and Cadbury will be adding new products to their Christmas line up with a little help from their elves.
The "Distorted" Image of Wolf-Boy and Academic Misinterpretation of Kipling
Now the Insolvency Service has confirmed that both Michael J Bell and Gavin Kipling have been disqualified from being directors - Mr Bell for 11 years and Mr Kipling for nine years - on three counts.
His legacy today, however, 150 years after his birth, has been marred by the fact that Kipling, who spent his early childhood and some of his adult life in India, vehemently spoke out in defense of British colonialism.
Mary Hamer's Kipling and Trix elegantly walks the borders between fact and fiction in her retelling of Rudyard Kipling's story and his relationship with his sister Trix' - Historical Novel Society
The year is 1914 and in order to settle the future of civilisation, Kipling is certain that a war with Germany is the only way forward.
The Mr Kipling advert has really made me want a pet elephant.
North Yorkshire Police called for the search yesterday after receiving information that Mr Kipling had been in the Teesside area.
Just So Stories, Volume 1 written by Rudyard Kipling illustrated by Ian Wallace Groundwood Books, 2013 978-1-55498-212-7 (he) $19.
And it reveals what inspired Kipling to pen the poem and its famous line Lest We Forget, which became linked with Remembrance Day.
The newly found poems include several from World War I, including one titled 'Never Again In Any Port,' as well as notes from a journal Kipling kept on a tour of the war graves of Belgium and France in 1924, the BBC reported.
Rudyard Kipling met Robert Browning, his elder by over fifty years, twice in his early life.
Premier Foods is revamping the Mr Kipling brand and quadrupling its marketing spend on the range to revive sales.
Active Navigation, a provider of Proactive Legacy Content Management Solutions, reported today the appointment of John O'Connell and Neil Kipling to its board.
Kipling, the Belgian fashion accessories brand with the monkey motif, has confirmed it will go ahead with the new store opening in June.