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a member of a Tanoan people living in the southwestern United States

the Tanoan language spoken by the Kiowa

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beaucoup moins que]Cette ceremonie de sortie de promotion conclut une formation portant sur les capacites de la Tunisie a integrer les operations air-sol en utilisant l'Helicoptere de combat OH-58 Kiowa pour l'observation, les services et l'appui-feu direct,[beaucoup plus grand que], a declare le colonel William Krahling, directeur du commandement d'aide a la securite de l'Armee americaine (USASAC) relevant du Commandement des USA pour l'Afrique (Africom).
12 by the Native Women's Resource Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) where Kiowa had worked for the last year as an intern in the Learning Department.
Make a note that the wand assembly is a part of the Kiowa Warrior's fly away items.
The Raider will be able to fly twice as fast as the Kiowa and will reach higher altitudes in hotter temperatures, he said.
We are so pleased to unveil our new online bill pay system to the citizens and businesses of Kiowa," said Janelle Beaver, Mayor of Kiowa.
The drawings examined here were all produced by Kiowa men while they were being held as prisoners of war at Fort Marion, Florida, from 1875 to 1878.
In 1890 Annette Ross Hume arrived in Anadarko, Oklahoma with her physician husband, who began work for the Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Agency.
The Caddo Kiowa Technology Center is helping build the education foundation for students in the early childhood development and services program that will in turn help them meet the challenge for building the strong foundation for their own young students.
soldier was wounded when a OH-58D Kiowa was down near al-Assad base.
In The Indolent Boys and Children of the Sun, Momaday offers readers two scripts that refract and magnify the themes and concerns that have characterized his oeuvre: fascination with articulating a Kiowa cultural ethos, a deep curiosity and reverence for the power of language, and an abiding devotion to understanding American Indian experience.
In a story that felt to me like Jane Eyre meets a Wild West Harry Potter, Sam Lambert, an American sharpshooter from Kiowa Bob's Wild West Show, is recruited by the Glasscastle University in England to help with a top-secret magic project.
The case describes the tradeoff the Army had to make in 1999 between funding upgrades to the aging Kiowa Warrior helicopter fleet vs.
They are joined by 480 soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, and an additional 1,000 pilots from the 25th Infantry Division's Combat Aviation Brigade along with 60 Black Hawk, CH-47 Chinook and UH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters from Wheeler Army Air Field.
And in "Grass Wars", Comanche and Kiowa watch helplessly as their grasslands are transformed: