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5m and with the 'le Caillou' ('the rock') as it was immediately dubbed, safely packed away, took the first plane out of Mbuji-Mayi and headed for Kinshasha.
poor rural musician who travels to Kinshasha to break into radio and
The next one looked like that of the butcher of Entebbe, irritating its neighbor, the five-billion dollar man from Kinshasha.
An airstrip on the concession can accommodate C130's and 737's and scheduled air service is available to Lubumbashi from Zaire's capital at Kinshasha as well as from Zambia and South Africa.
One student at the university in Kinshasha drew a rebuke from Clinton when he asked what her husband, the former US president Bill Clinton, thought about Chinese investment into Africa.
Or how about this exchange between Diamonstein and Kinshasha Holman Conwill of the Studio Museum in Harlem: KHC--"And I think people assumed that Kinshasha was my name from birth"; BLD--"I did not assume that was your name from birth"; KHC--"Yes.
the democracy movement has gathered momentum as commodities disappeared from grocery stores in Lusaka and Dar es Salem, as unemployment and inflation got out of control in Kinshasha and Lagos, as a bankrupt government failed to pay wages in Cotonou, as the vanishing legitimacy of incompetent and corrupt managers of state power drove them to political repression in Niarobi, as poverty intensified everywhere defeating all possibilities of self-realization threatening even mere physical existence, so that democracy movement in Africa is among other things, an expression of the will to survive.
On 30 October Air Zimbabwe begun regular, once-daily services to the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a joint venture with Congolese airline Lignes Aerienes Congolais and will fly each Saturday from Kinshasha to Lubumbasi.
Five African cities--Lagos, Kinshasha, Johannesburg, Khartoum, and Cairo--have between five million and ten million.
While Camus is virtually Neoclassical in his decision to intensify his five-act drama by confining it to one cloistered city, Oran, within less than one revolution of the earth, Shilts's story is global and ranges through San Francisco, Kinshasha, New York, Paris, Atlanta, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Washington, London, and other locales for most of a decade.
He studied social science and economics in Belgium, but returned to his country in 1969 to become the formation director for Jesuits in the Kinshasha province.
Angela Williams in the 100, Kinshasha Davis in the 200, Nakiya Johnson in the 400, Natasha Neal in the 100 hurdles, Tatyana Obukhoval in the triple jump, Cynthia Ademiluyi in the shot put and discus and Inga Stasiulionyte in the javelin are all among the top five in the nation in their events.
Sungu, born in Congo's capital city Kinshasha and brought up in Paris, France, has started one first team fixture for Cardiff City, in the FAW Premier Cup defeat at Carmarthen Town.
Free Within Ourselves: African American Artists in the Collection of The National Museum of American Art by Regenia Perry, with Introduction by Kinshasha Holman Conwill Pomegranate, October 1992 $26, ISBN 1-566-40073-2
With studies that range from child soldiers; young women in the Liberian civil war; the forbidden masquerades of Oku youth and women; song, choirs and youth in Botswana; youth culture and violence in Sierra Leone; children and witchcraft in the DR Congo; and street culture in urban African cities such as Addis Ababa, Dakar and Kinshasha, the reader is provided with an insight into the hearts and minds of African youngsters.