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Referente a Kinosternidae y Emididae, llega hasta familia y genero como es el caso de Rhinoclemmys.
Since then, various forms of parental care have been reported in four families of turtles (Emydidae, Kinosternidae, Podocnemididae and Testudinidae), and it is entirely maternal (Somma, 2003b).
En el orden Squamata se encontraron 40 especies, distribuidas en 20 de lagartos de ocho familias: Corytophanidae, Iguanidae, Gekkonidae, Gymnophthalmidae, Polychrotidae, Teiidae, Tropiduridae y Scincidae; y 20 de serpientes de tres familias: Boidae, Colubridae y Viperidae; el orden Testudinata con seis especies de tortugas distribuidas en seis familias: Chelidae, Emydidae, Geoemydidae, Kinosternidae, Podocnemididae y Testudinidae; y el orden Crocodylia con dos especies de la familia Crocodylidae (Apendice 1).
vittigerus X Basiliscus galeritus X Iguana iguana X Polychrus gutturossus X Kinosternidae Kinosternon leucostomum X Scincidae Mabuya mabouya X Teiidae Ameiva festiva Cnemidophorus lemniscatus X Guadualito Family Species (UIS-R) Amphisbaenidae Amphisbaena fuliginosa Boidae Boa constrictor Colubridae Atractus sp.
Kinosternon scorpioides e um reptil da familia Kinosternidae que habita campos e beira de rios da Baixada Maranhense (ACUNA et al.
avivoca Viosca, bird-voiced treefrog CLASS REPTILIA Order Testudines (turtles) Family Chelydridae (snapping turtles) Chelydra serpentina Linnaeus, I common snapping turtle Macroclemys temminckii SW (Troost), alligator snapping turtle Family Kinosternidae (musk and mud turtles) Kinosternon subrubrum NW, SW (Lacepede), eastern mud turtle) Sternotherus odoratus I (Latreille), common musk turtle Family Emydidae (box and water turtles) Chrysemys picts (Schneider), I painted turtle Clemmsys guttata (Schneider), N spotted turtle Emydoidea blandingii N (Holbrook), Blanding's turtle Graptemys geographica I (LeSueur), map turtle G.
In the turtle family Kinosternidae, SSD reportedly increases with increasing size of the species (Berry and Shine, 1980).
Terrestrial movement has been studied extensively in Kinosternidae of eastern North America, where most observations have taken place within ephemeral bodies of water and adjacent terrestrial habitats.
O Kinosternon scorpioides e um pequeno reptil da ordem dos quelonios que pertence a familia Kinosternidae (Vazolini et al.