Kings Canyon National Park

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a national park in California that has giant sequoia trees and alpine lakes and glaciers

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Firefighters on Saturday intentionally set low-intensity fires in a famed grove of giant sequoia trees in Kings Canyon National Park to remove vegetation and protect the grove from the wildfire, Schwarber said.
In their research, funded by the Forest Service, Knapp and Matthews studied more than 1,000 lakes and ponds in Kings Canyon National Park where fish stocking was phased out between 1977 and 1991.
At 12,242 feet, North Palisade is the apex of Kings Canyon National Park.
02168A] High Sierra Lakes, Summits, and Hot Springs: Kings Canyon National Park and John Muir Wilderness.
A rapidly spreading wildfire spurred evacuations of thousands of mountain homes in California's gold-rush country on Friday as flames from a larger Sierra Nevada blaze edged close to a famed grove of giant sequoia trees in Kings Canyon National Park.
The entrance fee is $10 per vehicle and includes the adjacent Kings Canyon National Park.
Canyon to Canyon, Monarch Divide, Kings Canyon National Park, California.
briefly and visited Sequoia/ Kings Canyon National Park.
This guide features the world-renowned waterfalls of Yosemite National Park and the lesser-known waterfalls of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, not to mention the pristine wilderness areas of the John Muir, Golden Trout, Ansel Adams, Kaiser, Ventura, Santa Lucia and San Mateo Canyon Wilderness.
When he lobbied Congress in the late 1930s to create Kings Canyon National Park, his most effective tool was a deeply personal photographic tribute he had made several years earlier to honor the life of Club leader Walter Starr's son, who had died in a mountaineering accident.
Five hours north of Los Angeles, five south of San Francisco, an hour east of Fresno, Kings Canyon National Park is California's great secret: uncrowded even on a summer weekend, blessed with dramatically diverse landscapes, and with some of the best backcountry hiking anywhere.
Above the Clouds, John Muir Wilderness and Kings Canyon National Park.
KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK - Mickey Powell says he knows nothing about any maddening summer crowds when he travels to his favorite destination in the Sierra Nevada.
Kings Canyon National Park Ventura County Airport Chevron, Inc.
High Sierra Spectacular, Kings Canyon National Park, California.