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Horak, "Axial kinesthesia is impaired in Parkinson's disease: effects of levodopa," Experimental Neurology, vol.
Evaluation of position sense in the joint and kinesthesia alone do not provide adequate information on functioning of proprioceptive reflexes that seem to be responsible for the joint functional stability.
This tactile sensation, though, already leads toward a discussion of kinesthesia, the most underappreciated of our senses and surely the most critical in developing the technical skills to master any instrument.
Introducing new and varied neuromuscular patterning improves kinesthesia, proprioception, and motor skills for fall prevention, and that's just the short list.
This sixth sense is actually several highly integrated sensory systems, but for the sake of simplicity we will refer to this sensory system as our sense of kinesthesia (Greek: kinema--movement; esthesia--perception/sensing).
As Allworthy "walks forth," dawn "opens" the view, the sun "sends forth streams of light," and its rays "ascend" the heavens, these textual elements are likely to activate brain areas associated with perception and kinesthesia, and they can cue a feeling of elevation in the reader.
A pilot uses both kinesthesia and binocular vision-depth perception--to guide control inputs in those last few feet when the craft transitions from air to ground.
Este propone una especie de kinesthesia, senala como los cinco sentidos responden a la amenaza del otro, como la materialidad del cuerpo fragmentado incita las pasiones.
2009) Side-to-side difference in joint position sense and kinesthesia in unilateral functional ankle instability.
2000) Cervicocephalic kinesthesia sensibility and postural sway in a Formula 3000 racing car driver: preliminary report.
The somatosensory system is comprised of elements of the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system that serve the modalities of touch, vibration, temperature, pain and kinesthesia.
Closely related to proprioception is kinesthesia, which relates to our self-awareness of body movement.
One overall finding is that language structure has much overlap with structure in the cognitive systems of vision, kinesthesia, and reasoning, but little overlap with structure in the cognitive systems of affect and culture.