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a unit of power equal to 1000 watts


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60 million kilowatts in China which accounted for a quarter of global new capacity and one third of photovoltaic module output in China and realized the target set by the Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of PV Industry of achieving a growth of approximately 10 million kilowatts per annum.
Battery Storage--Incentives have increased from $600 per kilowatt saved to $2,100.
The people using up to 700 kilowatts have to pay four afs per kilowatt and those with higher consumption levels had to pay six afs per kilowatt, the official explained.
38 billion kilowatt wind power resources on land, and about 200 million kilowatts offshore.
Liu said that in 2010, the government will conduct a tender for 13 PV projects in six provinces in west China with capacity of 280,000 kilowatts.
The ministry publicized its original subsidization formula in September that ruled on top of the NT$50,000 subsidy for installations of one kilowatt to 10 kilowatts an NT$8.
63 million kilowatts in total power generation capacity in 20 countries, including 210,000 kilowatts for five Japanese and two South Korean wind power generation facilities.
Lodi, California's Castelanelli Brothers Dairy (with 2,100 cows) tapped into it for $160,000 to help pay for an anaerobic digester that will produce up to 180 kilowatts.
The microturbine setting was at 15 kilowatts for the 15-hour duration of operation, and 143 kilowatt-hours were produced.
Manufacturers told officials at California State University, Northridge, that even though the photovoltaic panels used to shade the parking lot were laboratory rated for 225 kilowatts, they would deliver 190 to 200 kilowatts, said Tom Brown, who handles infrastructure at the campus.
Power -- Power is the instantaneous value of the rate of doing work, measured in kilowatts (kW).
Today's induction melting systems operating at higher frequencies (resulting in smaller furnaces and lower heat losses) require 25% less connected kilowatts than systems built in the 1950s and 1960s, saving demand charges while using 38% less power to produce the same amount of metal.
Union Fenosa will soon place into operation another plant in La Vega producing 87,500 kilowatts (investment: US$67 million.
Now, at the University of Chicago, physics professor Roland Winston and graduate student Phillip Gleckman have designed a solar concentrator that uses "nonimaging" optics to concentrate sunlight to an intensity of 6 kilowatts per square centimeter, or 60,000 times the normal intensity of sunlight on the earth.
22 million kilowatts; with additional wind power capacity of 15 million kilowatts installed in the same year.