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a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0

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Maritim's front-running kept on paying dividends as he broke away easily 38 kilometres into the race to build a handsome margin of 15 seconds by kilometre 40 --2:00:57 to Too's 2:01:12-- while Kipsambu ran another seven seconds behind.
Some 6,900 kilometres of gas pipelines were passed from 2009 to 2013.
4 kilometres of Pauline Johnson Road from the Six Nations boundary to VanSickle Bridge;
POPULATION DENSITY IS AMONG LOWEST IN EUROPE The average number of people per square kilometre in Scotland is 68, among the lowest of the EU countries.
Currently, four lanes extend 26 kilometres north of Port Severn, six kilometres south of Sudbury with a 14-kilometre stretch near Parry Sound.
This strengthens the mineral potential of the new Dominion Project by an order of magnitude and increases Klondike Star's total land base in the Klondike region to 396 square kilometres (152.
Klondike Star Mineral Corporation is developing mineralized zones on a 390 square kilometre (150.
Continuing 8 kilometres east on the adjacent Cumaru property there are many large and extensive alluvial gold workings along the same intrusive-greenstone contact.
Gold mineralization occurs within the Twin Lakes Deformation, a 26 kilometre long east-west shear zone that extends through the east central part of the greenstone belt.
Mineralization occurs within a three kilometre diameter area of quartz-chlorite-epidote-carbonate alteration.
Two of the claim groups are located within the newly penned "Ekati Trend" approximately 40 kilometres northeast of the Ekati diamond mine; and two claims are located 35 kilometers south of the DO27 diamondiferous kimberlite currently the focus of detailed exploration by Peregrine Diamonds et al.
The drill program was guided by results of baseline orientation data previously collected around the nearby (approximately 9 kilometres south-west) Touquoy gold deposit being developed by Atlantic Gold and Moose River Resources.
7 kilometres with dipole separations of 25, 50 and 100 metres.
His immediate task will be to work with Falconbridge over the summer to generate new exploration targets within the 440 square kilometres of highly prospective exploration ground in the Thompson Nickel Belt under the Crowflight - Falconbridge joint venture and to assist in finding additional targets for expanding the resources at the Bucko Deposit.