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a clever, unexpected new trick or method

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a player who kicks the football

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Once we have found a common metric for kickoffs and scoring we can estimate how each factor drives the compensation of kickers in the NFL.
This is also the reason that if you find yourself picking in the middle ranks of kickers after the ones from the good teams are gone, you could do worse than settling for the Titans' Rob Bironas.
Cabioch continued: "The originality and popularity of the brand has certainly encouraged us to bring Kickers to UAE.
State lawmakers put the kicker law in place in 1979 in an effort to fend off harsher spending controls.
Little Kickers, which runs as a national network of classes for boys and girls, aims to instill a sense of fun, confidence, co-ordination, control and sense of camaraderie in those who take part, using football as the forum.
In almost every case where a field goal is missed or a punt goes astray--unless it is very obvious that the snap was bad, the hold was bad, or somebody missed a block completely--the kicker or punter will have to take the heat.
Barhyte and Abel expect to add new products to the Card Kickers line within the next 12 months.
1 billion in kicker checks, the state needed to borrow against those anticipated tax revenues.
But don't tell that to New England Surge coach Roy Lucas, whose left-footed kicker, Eric Calderwood, does a lot more than just boot a ball.
Last year, with three kickers that combined for the league's third-worst percentage in converting field goals, the Cowboys just missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record.
If there is any question about his value, it was hammered home in the AFC playoffs when the Chargers and Jets lost after their kickers missed potential winning field goals.
Hartley was supposed to redshirt this season, but returning kicker Trey DiCarlo - a finalist last year for the Lou Groza Award, which goes to the nation's top kicker - suddenly couldn't tell an upright from an upwind.
Fans usually never notice college kickers unless they mess up.
Nicholls and Asunuma have been two key components to the success of the Simi Valley Academy Kickers, an under-15 boys' club team whose season is winding down.
Foothill League kickers are putting their best foot forward.