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a landlocked republic to the south of Russia and to the northeast of the Caspian Sea

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Alhokair currently has 28 outlets open in Khazakstan, with an additional 32 to open in four months.
In the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous the Shan-Thai and Indo-China plates were not far removed from the Khazakstan plate (Van der Voo et al.
The company, now sells its products all over the world to places as disparate as Algeria, Khazakstan and Hong Kong.
in oil and energy economics in 1994 from the University of New Mexico and spent two years in Khazakstan shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, where he taught and studied oil energy economics.
Kombassan, established in Konya in 1989, employs 8,000 workers in its 40 companies that are also active in Khazakstan and Germany.
time you are reading this, the Proton rocket will, all going well, have thundered off its base in Khazakstan, delivered the satellite in orbit and WA3 will have begun life as the latest in a long chain of scientific marvels that enable you to watch the African Nations Cup live in your own living room.
Seven hours of driving and a dozen checkpoints later, with a side trip though Khazakstan, they finally found refuge in the Tashkent Sheraton.
FA of Wales spokesman Mark Evans confirmed that an invitation to meet UEFA's latest member country, Khazakstan, had been turned down but said talks were ongoing with potential opponents for a match on Wednesday, August 21.
Analysis of human breast milk to assess exposure to chlorinated contaminants in Khazakstan.
306) Mitchell, supra note 15, at 225 (noting that the United States "now has tax treaties with China, India, Mexico, Khazakstan, Ukraine, Thailand and other developing nations").
Linking up with the Sydney-based Canadian mining entrepreneur, Robert Friedland [see "The Mercenary Miner," Multinational Monitor, June 1997], Bambang has invested in gold mining in Vietnam, Burma and Khazakstan.
Khazakstan and Eastern Siberia are relatively unexplored potential oil-producing giants.
Euro 96 has had ticket requests from as far afield as Fiji and Khazakstan.
This week it was revealed how Andrew's nephew, Prince Harry, enjoyed a ski break in Khazakstan hosted by oligarch Serzhan Zhumashov, a close pal of Khazakstan's despot president, Nursultan Nazarbayev - whose son-in-law is Andrew's pal Timur Kulibayev.
In pursuit of specimen fish Bruce's travels took him to places including Lake Nasser to catch Nile Perch in Egypt and from the Russian Volga delta in Astrakhan and Khazakstan to catch Wells Catfish to Portland in Oregon, North America for Great White Sturgeon.