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a circular ring of metal for holding keys

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We would like to thank the facilitators from Keyring for their engaging, honest and brave workshops, which brought into context some of the barriers that affect over 30% of the prison population.
Red |Oversized Oversized keyring, PS19, PS19, Jigsaw
Each contains a hat, joke and a gift ranging from a yo-yo, photo clip,pen,torch,trolley coin keyring and folding brush.
pounds 5 and under ORIENTAL print mirror keyring, left, pounds 4.
It uses Bluetooth technology to create an invisible wire, and whenever this wire is broken-for example, when the user leaves the phone behind-both it and the keyring emit a shrill alarm sound.
The keyring is a little charm bracelet with the name Nadia H Dangling from it.
As hard as it is to believe, the Glow Ring safety marker keyring does just that--and for just 10 [pounds sterling].
If you're tired of common gifts, this site has something for everyone, including a psycho shark keyring, musical white house cookie jar or cocktail squids to dress up your martini.
99 [pounds sterling]), a Pokemon Easter egg with a Pikachu keyring (2.
It is also more flexible than previous radio frequency applications, which were typically tied to keyfob devices located on a keyring.
2 For last-minute touch-ups, try this handy liner, mascara and sparkly shadow on a keyring.
Prizes include fridge magnet, T-shirt, frisbee, bike reflector, backpack and torch keyring.
Fergus Lynch, 42, an outdoor activity centre manager from Sunderland: "I got a piranha-head keyring from a person I really admired and I lost it.
Welsh keyring decoration: Use it to decorate a backpack or pencil case, or to hold some keys.