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a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence

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Educational Service District 105- Yakima, Washington: Keypal Projects: http: // etsc.
A student concentrating on a particular state can develop a pen-pal, or Keypal, relationship with one or two people in that state.
The Keypal relationship helps students develop a strong connection to the state that they are studying as well as a sense of pride [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Requiring each student to complete a teacher-created database on his or her state is one way to ensure that information is gleaned from books; encyclopedias; tourism bureaus; commercially created databases, such as PC USA (Broderbund); and Keypal survey information.
In another, a teacher organized a keypal (pen pal on the Internet) project for her students with children in New Zealand.
At the start of the second phase (mid-October to mid-November 2000), the German students chose an American keypal based on their examination of these Web-biographies.
Undergraduate students, many of whom had their belief systems challenged by a confrontation with otherness for the first time in the telecollaborative partnership under study, may be less equipped to negotiate heteroglossic diversity in their emails with keypals than professional journalists in hard news stories.
This data corroborates conclusions from other researchers that group learning is the most beneficial operational mode for CMC Projects (Galvin, 1985; Ganszauge, Hult, Sajavaara, & Kontinnen, 1994), and that for optimal learning to occur, students must go past the keypal stage and engage in significant collaborative projects using a task-oriented approach with a final product (Klemm & Snell, 1995).
Keypals exchange first "hello" letter (informal e-mail on general themes like personal characteristics, family, hobbies, or school life).
As the name suggests, sometimes these keypal partnerships are merely a technologically sophisticated version of a long-standing epistolary form.
The use of discussion lists is also proposed, somewhat less frequently, and like the keypal exchanges, the lists recommended tend to be restricted to learners only (Boswood, 1997; Rice, 1996; Warschauer, 1995b, 1995c).