Kerry blue terrier

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an Irish breed of medium-sized terriers with a silky blue-grey coat

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I have a Kerry blue terrier named Sylvia (by the children) and two cats called Topsy and Tiddles (by the children).
But Ron Ramsay, of Birkenhead, whose Kerry Blue terrier came second, is insisting that, even if the winner is disqualified, he won't accept theaward.
Ron Ramsay's Kerry Blue terrier, Torum's TundeBayou, won Reserve Best in Show at Cruft's 2003 just three years after an ECHO appeal snatched him from death row in a North Wales animal rescue centre.
I have a lot of hobbies, including dogs and horses (he has a champion Kerry Blue terrier, Pog, Irish for kiss, that is the number one female in breed points and has been invited to Westminster), but I got bored with being retired.
So when owner Ron Ramsay, 49, of Tranmere, declared of his Crufts champion, three- year-old Kerry Blue Terrier, Mike, that he may retire on the grounds that "he can't do more than he has done," he was certainly speaking the truth.
KERRY BLUE terrier Champion Torums Scarf Michael was today basking in glory after winning the Best in Show category at the last British-only Cruft's dog show.